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EdTechTeacher FAQs

Whether you are a teacher or an administrator, we hope to be able to answer any question that you might have. In this section, we present questions and answers on various issues regarding educational technology. However, we also invite you to contribute by contacting us with a question of your own!

Who should attend your summer workshops?

Our summer workshops are designed for classroom teachers, technology integration specialists, principals, and anyone else who works in or near a K-12 classroom. We offer topics ranging from Teaching History with Technology to Teaching Elementary Grades with Technology to Interactive White Boards. Participants come from a variety of schools and backgrounds as well as from countries around the world.

What is the benefit of enrolling my faculty in the T21 program?

Sustained professional development is one of the keys to ensuring actual change and improvement. By enrolling a cohort of faculty members in our Teaching for the 21st Century (T21) program, they have the ongoing curriculum support that they need throughout a school year in order to improve their pedagogy.

Can I enroll myself in the T21 program?

Our T21 program is designed for cohorts of faculty members from the same school instead of individual teachers. We work with school administrators to create a program to meet the needs of a group of educators. However, as an individual you can join us for a summer workshop or participate in our free live webinars.

Where should I begin if I am a classroom teacher?

All of us here at EdTechTeacher have worked as classroom teachers, and we understand that technology integration can be overwhelming at first. We have a lot of resources to help you start to integrate a variety of tools into your curriculum. You may want to begin by joining us for one of our free live webinars, or reading one of our publications. Once summer approaches, come join us for a hands-on workshop.

Does EdTechTeacher work with public and independent schools?

We have experience working with all types of schools and school districts. From our roles as educators, researchers, directors, and board members, we have working knowledge of the intricacies of a variety of educational settings. For a list of schools that we have visited, please visit our Presentations & Workshops page.

What topics do you tend to cover in your workshops?

During the summer, we offer a range of topics from Interactive White Boards to Teaching History with Technology. If you invite us to your school, we can address specific curricular needs or work across a variety of disciplines by focusing on broader subjects such as Internet Search Strategies and Web 2.0 tools (blogs, wikis, Google Docs, etc). We have team members with classroom experience at all grade levels and across disciplines. For more information, visit our Professional Development Services pages.

Do you offer graduate credit for your workshops?

During the summer, we do offer graduate credit for some of our workshops. Framingham State University has provided Graduate Credit for all two-day and three-day workshops. PDPs are provided (Professional Development Points) from the state of Massachusetts (1 PDP per instruction hour). Individual schools can work with us to get graduate credit for those teachers participating in the T21 program.

Spring Webinars

We have an incredible line-up of FREE, live webinars for spring.

  • 4/8 - All Things Google!
  • 4/15 - Leading Change in 1:1 Classrooms
  • 4/24 - Technology in Humanities Classrooms
  • 4/29 - Games Are Good for You!
  • 5/6 - Creation and Collaboration Tools for the BYOD Classroom

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