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What Our Participants Have to Say

Draw on the experience of teachers, administrators, educational technology staff, library-media specialists and others who have attended our workshops over the years:

2011 Summer Workshops Video

Hear from our summer 2011 participants and come join us for 2012.

More From Our 2011 Participants

"In a very exciting, clear and inspiring manner, the 3 days truly exposed me to education technology tools I didn't even know existed, and helped me to see the potential for lessons and learning in those I was only slightly aware of."
- Andrea Doremus-Cuetara, Boston Public Schools, MA

"The hands on practice was tremendous. The challenges based on ability level were very helpful because it allowed us to experiment with the tools that were introduced. I have been to dozens of workshops over the years and without a doubt this is the best professional development with which I have ever been involved."
- Ann Wright, Archbishop O'Hara High School, MO

"All the presenters/teachers knew the information and taught us at a speed in which I could follow and understand. Their teaching encouraged me to ask questions, inspired me to use more technology in my classroom and helped me feel confident in my abilities to do so. I truly felt their passion for teaching teachers how to use technology. Thank you!"
- Ashley Gore, Auburn High School, MA

"This workshop combined two essential ingredients to make it superior: thoughtful and practical. Tom helped place the Digital 2.0 world in context, and then Tom and Greg introduced us to practical applications, sites, and resources, providing us with time to explore and become comfortable using them. Well done!"
- Charlie Newhall, St. John's Preparatory School, MA

"This workshop is a teacher's dream! This all you can eat buffet of unbelievable information has been unlike anything I have ever attended in my 20 years of teaching! Wow - technology can be my friend now - Thank you!"
- Gigi Dawson, Heathwood Hall Episcopal School, SC

"The variety of tools to which we were introduced was phenomenal! I just want to be able to play on the sites and figure out which ones will work best for my students and me."
- Jane Schaffer, Archbishop O'Hara High School, MO

"I am a returnee who took the FL workshop last year and loved it! The instructor and visitors this year were knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. Many examples were provided and there was ample time given for hands-on practice. I am leaving with some new ideas and will try to use some of the tools next year. Thanks!"
- Jancie Ribeiro, Waynflete School, ME

"Tools that have REAL applicability to my classroom and students. In other workshops, I've been given a list of tools and told to "try it on your own". Because of the heavy hands-on design of this course, I have multiple tools that I feel comfortable utilizing because I have created working, relevant models in class on my own. THANKS SO MUCH!"
- John Padula, Lyndon Pilot Schools, MA

"The workshop was an eye-opening experience to the potential of incorporating technology in the classroom in the 21st century!"
- Jose Harnett, Boston Public Schools, MA

"Thanks for the exposure to great primary source sites that include activities for analysis of the documents! Learning about on-line books, both those available to use for free and how to "publish" our own, was also interesting and will be useful. Even something as simple as e-text will make a big difference in efficiently researching."
- Julie Swanbeck, Falmouth Academy, MA

"The concise yet detailed explanations of the various aspects of the workshops were very helpful. I enjoyed the pace and the great support. Having three presenter/leaders provided an excellent teacher to student ratio."
- Kathy Clausen, Berkshire Country Day School, MA

"I feel like I will be able to incorporate so much more into my lessons and make them so much more dynamic in the coming year."
- KiKi McCarthy, Snowden International School, MA

"You walked us through a very useful series of tools. I feel that every minute of it was worth my long trip. Thank you! I will feel really confident when I share what I learned with everyone back home."
- Maria Mercedes, Colegio Hacienda Los Alcaparros, Bogata, Columbia

"I found the explanation of the use of IWBs was excellent. I also found the activity with the SMART response tools fascinating, and the use of the SMARTtools outside of the Notebook environment to be very useful. I'm excited to share much of this with my teachers."
- Michael Jedrey, Rocky Hill School, RI

"The strengths of the workshop were the presenters...awesome. I started on Day #1 as a "digital immigrant" and became immersed in the discussions almost immediately. The strength of the workshop is the "hands-on" work and the relevance to classroom applications was wonderful."
- Peggy Schleicher, Middlesex Community College, MA

"The support of my fellow students and the three instructors was amazing. I was not one of the confident ones, but I was never made to feel like I was not as capable as the next person. The conference was such a nice blend of information in addition to practical classroom ideas and tips that can be implemented easily."
- Roz Grant Witherbee, Berwick Academy, ME

"The selection of particular tools proved to be a helpful "greatest hits" list that allowed me to feel literate in the most prevalent web 2.0 educational applications. The C-R-C-D framework was a great way of harnessing and organizing the tools in a way that was logical and memorable."
- Russ Carrick, Solebury School, PA

"The workshop is incredibly relevant and cutting edge, particularly since these technologies are still emerging."
- Ted Chambers, Boston Public Schools, MA

"The various internet tools were outstanding! The presenters took us through each tool explaining the different features as we followed along with our laptops, they demonstrated the multiple ways each tool can be used in the classroom, and the best part is that we were given enough time to practice using the tools."
- Ted Chambers, Community Academy of Science and Health, MA

"I thought the most impressive part of the two days was the ability to talk to other participants and listen to what is going on in other schools. I also thought Justin's very last presentation was exceptionally powerful in summing up and concluding our entire experience, making the whole two days so clear."
- Toni Carlson, Watertown Public Schools, MA

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