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I want my students to use iPads in Math Class...

Application Cost Description Usefulness Rating

App: $2.99

Web: Free

WolframAlpha is a computational search enginge that is a perfect fit for using iPads in a math classroom. Students and teachers can use WolframAlpha to instantly graph and solve any math equation. Students can use the tool to check their work and to compare their solution to the one provided by Wolfram. The tool can be used through the web or the app. However, the WolframAlpha app includes additional math specific keys that can be used to enter math specific problems.5Easy


Desmos Graphing Calculator is not an iPad app, instead Desmos can be used through the Safari browser on an iPad. Students can create an iPad homescreen shortcut to quickly access this web based graphing calculator. A full math specific keyboard will appear when using Desmos, allowing students to graph equations on an X and Y axis. Multiple equations can be graphed at once and with a free Desmos account, students can save, share and print their graphs.5Easy

Basic: Free

Quick Graph+: $1.99

A free graphing app that allows for multiple equations to be graphed and saved at one time. The app includes an advanced math keyboard that appears when graphing equations and once graphed, the image can be sent to the camera roll or exported via email.

Quick Graph+ includes advanced features including: VGA output, Roots, Value Tables and Unlimited Graphs.

Geometry Pad

Basic: Free

Premium: $5.99

Create basic geometric shapes to then explore and change their properties. Create an manipulate lines, parallel lines, angles, triangle lines, quadrilaterals, polygons, arcs and elipses.

Note: Many of the features included in the app require the upgrade to the Geometry Pad+ (paid version)

Math Graph


Learn about and manipulate common geometric equations with Math Graph. Manipulate a circle, ellipse, parabola or hyperbola by adjusting the equation with the built in slider tool. When the equation is manipulated, the graph will update in real time, allowing students to understand the relationship between the two. 3Easy
MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator will analyze and recognize your hand written equations, will snap them to typed equations and solve the problem written on the screen. The app will recognize basic math operations as well as exponents, brackets, trigonometry functions, inverse trigonometry functions and logarithms.

Note: MyScript Calculator will not solve equations with two variables. 



Full Version: $9.99

AirSketch allows you to turn your iPad into a white tablet that can be shared directly to student iPads, computers or classroom computer via a unique URL assigned to the iPad. This allows teachers to wirelessly project their iPad in the classroom while writing or solving equations. Or, the teacher iPad can be viewed directly on student iPads by having students enter the URL into the Safari browser.

The full paid version allows PDF documents to be annotated within the app, while the free version provides a blank white template.

4 Easy
Explain Everything


A powerful screencasting application, Explain Everything can also be used in the math classroom as a mobile whiteboard. When used in conjunction with AppleTV, Reflector or AirServer, the iPad can be wirelessly project and equations can be solved and projected from a teacher iPad. In addition, PDF documents can be imported into Explain Everything using the "open in" feature. This allows the PDF to be annotated and projected wirelessly from an iPad. Students and teachers can also use the screencasting ability to solve and demonstrate their understanding of various math problems. 

5 Medium


A combination of a screencasting app and a computer control tool, Doceri allows the math teacher to be mobile in their classroom while still projecting content to the front of the room. Doceri supports AirPlay mirroring through AppleTV, Reflector or AirServer. In addition, PPT and Keynote files can be imported into Doceri, allowing the teacher to annotate directly over their presentations on an iPad. Both teachers and students can also use the screencasting tool to created problem solving screencasts on an iPad.

4 Medium
Fluid Math

Full Version: $14.99

Time Limited Version: Free

Fluid Math accurately recognizes hand written math and will instantly graph any algebraic equation written onto the iPad screen. Multiple expressions can be graphed at once and the app will solve for variables. Fluid Math supports Pre-Algebra through Calculus and will graph inequalities as well as relations. 

The free version will time out after five minutes of use, while the full version can be used without any timeout.

Tip: Use the Copy and Save to Camera Roll function to important content from Fluid Math into other applications. 

Fluid Graph

Full Version: $9.99

Time Limited Version: Free

Quickly and easily graph equations from hand written content on an iPad. The app will support the graphing needs of the Pre-Algebra through Calculus class and allows teachers and students to quickly view algebraic, graphical and numerical representations of equations side by side. Easy
Fluid Equation
$4.99Handwrite an equation and Fluid Equation will snap the hand written notation to typeset math. The typeset version can then be copied or saved to the camera roll for import into other iPad apps. Students can now handwrite equations and paste their work into screencasting, word processing or digital book creation apps. 4Easy
Fluid Arithmetic 
$.99Practice addition, subtraction and multiplication problems with Fluid Arithmetic. Hand write the solution in the space provided and Fluid Arithmetic will instantly provide feedback to indicate if the answer is correct or incorrect.3Easy
Virtual Manipulatives
FreeVirtual Manipulatives allows students to compare fractions, decimals and percentages. Content can be dragged from the left side of the screen to the blank work space, allowing students to physically compare between the three. The workspace can also be written on by students, allowing them to annotate the relationships being explored.4Easy
Free While most math graphing applications require the user to enter the math expression to then view the graph, Sketch2Graph works in the opposite fashion. Draw the graph and Sketch2Graph will snap the hand written graph to a straight line, circle, parabola or elipse and will then provide the math expression. Sketch2Graph allows students to understand the relationship between the graph and algebraic expression because the graph and points can be manipulated while the expression updates in real time.  4 Easy

A game based math app that challenges students to solve Algebraic equations. The app includes 100 standard algebraic equations that students can work their way through at their own pace.

Tip: DragonBox+ is available on many platforms including the MacApp store, Google Play and Windows.

5 Easy
Math Scaled

The app consists of a series of puzzles based on balance-scale setup. Designed with UDL principles in mind, the app allows students to solve problems with increasing levels of difficulty and includes a scratch pad to record information while problem solving. The app was designed as part of the iSolveIt project at CAST.

4 Easy
Math Squared

The app provides a series of grid based puzzles that use basic math operations to help students develop logical thinking and reasoning strategies. The app was designed as part of the iSolveIt project at CAST with UDL principles in mind.

4 Easy

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