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EdTechTeacher offers free, live webinars throughout the school year aimed at helping educators integrate technology effectively in the classroom. This is a great opportunity learn something new as well as to network with other teachers from across the country and around the world. We hope that you will join us online for our next event.

Spring Webinar Opportunities

Learning Futures Summit

  • March 11th - Small Tech Changes - BIG Learning Impact!
    Sometimes, the smallest of changes can have the largest impact on helping our students to connect to content, demonstrate their understanding, and become more independent in their learning. Come learn tools and strategies to support your students.
  • March 18th - "Google is the new resume."
    Rather than crafting and honing the perfect document to represent yourself. In the future, people will search you to see the types of artifacts, communications, and information you have added to the global community. We will talk about how you can start building your own "Google resume" as well as how you can help your students start constructing theirs.
  • March 20th - iPads, language learning, the MFL twitterati & sharing good practice - a UK perspective RESCHEDULED!
    In this webinar, Joe Dale will showcase some of the innovative ways language teachers are using iPads to create new opportunities for personalised collaborative learning in and out of the classroom. He will also discuss the rise of the MFL Twitterati, a group of language professionals in the UK who are dedicated to raising the standards in teaching and learning.
  • March 27th - Empowering Elementary Learners with Technology
    Whether your students have access to iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, or a computer lab, technology can empower even the youngest learners. In this webinar, we will explore a few tools and apps that nurture essential K-5 developmental and learning skills that you can use this spring
  • April 1st - iPads And... combining the physical & digital to create multimedia content
    Creating with iPads doesn't have to exclusively digital. In this webinar, we'll explore ways that students can combine digital tools with physical artifacts to create new multimedia projects.
  • April 8th - All Things Google!
    Google Apps, Chrome, and Drive - use one of these Google tools, or all of them, and endless possibilities open up for creation, communication, and collaboration. In just one hour, we'll give you a speed tour through "all things Google" to give you some ideas for how you can bring these tools into your classroom.
  • April 15th - Leading Change in 1:1 Classrooms
    As a school leader, how do you help to transform 1:1 classrooms from assembly lines within a factory model to creative agency classrooms, where students are empowered to create and explore? In this webinar, we dive into the essential topics of making the case for 1:1 instruction, envisioning and enacting 1:1 learning, and monitoring school progress towards 1:1 learning goals.
  • April 24th - Technology in Humanities Classrooms
    Whether you teach English, History, or Foreign Language, incorporating technology into your curriculum can help students to make deeper connections with content, engage with authentic materials, and create new learning artifacts. Come learn a few new tools, apps, and ideas to enhance your curriculum.
  • April 29th - Games Are Good for You! What Games Teach Us About STEM & Learning
    What can we learn from games? Come explore the many ways that you can use game dynamics and gamification to increase learning and boost engagement in your STEM classroom. Discover how popular games such as Minecraft and SimCity provide playgrounds for creativity and robust opportunities for collaboration and critical thinking in the classroom. Finally, learn about the many opportunities for coding and computer science that are embedded in the process of having kids designing and programming games as a demonstration of their learning.
  • May 6th - Creation and Collaboration Tools for the BYOD Classroom NEW
    Looking to meet the needs of your 21st century learners in a BYOD setting, this fast-paced webinar is for you. Come learn a toolkit of web tools to promote and support creation and collaboration. These open-ended one-size-fits-most tools can be used across the K-12 curriculum to support a learner-centered classroom.

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Webinar Archives

We record all of our live webinars. Enjoy!

Winter 2014 - Global Discussions

In January and February, we had amazing conversations with educators from around the world.

October 2013 - Connected Educator Month Series

In conjunction with Connected Educator Month, we hosted weekly conversations to address critical issues around being connected.

August 2013 - Preparing for a Year of Mobile Learning Series

We hosted four conversations with fabulous educators to explore how great teachers are rethinking and reshaping their classrooms and teaching with iPads and other mobile devices.

2011-2012 Webinars

Spring Webinars

We have an incredible line-up of FREE, live webinars for spring.

  • 4/8 - All Things Google!
  • 4/15 - Leading Change in 1:1 Classrooms
  • 4/24 - Technology in Humanities Classrooms
  • 4/29 - Games Are Good for You!
  • 5/6 - Creation and Collaboration Tools for the BYOD Classroom

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