Summer workshops for teachers from coast to coast

About Our Summer Workshops

2015 brings our 13th Annual Teaching With Technology Summer Workshops for Teachers, and we have built an incredible program on a diverse set of topics. This year, we have a number of exciting NEW topics to compliment many of our favorites from previous summers.  

Each summer, we bring together some of the best educators in the country to lead our workshops. All of our instructors have classroom experience and value high quality professional development. We use a hands-on, challenge-based approach to maximize the amount of time that participants have working with the tools and apps. Participants leave our workshops armed with new ideas and strategies that can be implemented in their classrooms as soon as the school year begins.

We have over 20 different workshops offered in 5 cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Some of the most popular summer workshops for teachers offered:

  • The iPad Classroom (and Advanced iPad Classroom): iPad and iPad Mini have proven to be powerful creation and curation devices in the hands of students. This session focuses on effective iPad integration from both a conceptual as well as a practical standpoint. With our philosophy of "All of the Good Apps Fit on One Screen" as a guiding principle, this workshop provides participants not only with an understanding of the device itself, but also its potential for empowering students as creators of their own learning artifacts. Key topics addressed in this three-day workshop include reading and note taking, screencasting and multimedia creation, portfolios and publishing, as well as collaborative projects. Whether you have a cart of shared iPads, a 1:1 program, or a single device in your classroom, this workshop provides an excellent starting point for thoughtful integration into any curriculum.
  • The Chromebook Classroom: This workshop is devoted to effectively integrating Chromebooks into the classroom to create a student-centered, creative and collaborative environment. In this hands-on workshop, we will explore proven strategies for not only understanding and using Chromebooks, but also the Chrome Browser, and Google Apps for Education in purposeful ways. The workshops will help participants build a solid foundation for understanding the Chromebook and the Chrome Operating System. 
  • Teaching History with Technology: An intensive hands-on environment for History and Social Studies educators. During this two day workshop, participants will explore practical, dynamic and creative ways to use technology in the classroom to enhance their curricula and provide students with unique opportunities to create original content to demonstrate their understanding. The workshop examines innovative ideas, effective techniques and thoughtful approaches for incorporating web tools, mobile devices, apps and emerging technologies into History and Social Studies curricula.
  • Enhancing STEM Curriculum with Technology: This workshop is an intensive, three-day, hands-on opportunity for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) educators to explore practical ways to use technology to enrich their curricula and engage students. Participants will explore innovative ideas, effective techniques, and thoughtful plans for incorporating web-based resources, mobile devices, and emerging technologies into the classroom instruction of STEM.
  • Over 15 more!