2016 brings our 14th Annual Teaching With Technology Summer Workshops, and we have built an incredible program on a diverse set of topics. This year, we are returning to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco for a number of exciting NEW topics to compliment many of our favorites from previous summers AND we are headed to new cities: Baltimore, Maryland and Boca Raton, Florida.


iPads in the Elementary Classroom

From recording reading fluency, to developing storytelling skills, to demonstrating problem solving, iPads can be used in a myriad of ways in the elementary classroom. This workshop will focus specifically on iPad innovation at the K-5 level.

Creating Innovators Design Thinking & Maker Spaces

We will take a hands-on approach to understanding Design Thinking and how we can use its principles to create a learning environment that engages students, fosters curiosity, and encourages a collaborative approach to solving problems.

Advanced Google & Web in the Student Centered Classroom

Develop knowledge, understanding and proficiency in using Google, Google Apps for Education and the Web to develop student-centered, creative learning environments.

Enhancing STEAM Curriculum with Technology

STEAM education is about more that just the subjects in the acronym. It’s about fostering students’ curiosity and nurturing creativity, risk-taking and problem solving.

Unleashing Creativity

Develop creative and purposeful activities that not only extend the entire academic year, but also help generate a culture of innovation.

Inquiry & Project Based Learning

Learn the essential design elements of PBL, meaningful ways to integrate technology as an integral component in student engagement and motivation, and instructional strategies to support student learning.