Full Year Professional Development

At EdtechTeacher we strongly believe that successful technology integration in schools requires ongoing, sustained professional development. Our full year Teaching for the 21st Century program (T21) works with cohorts of educators at schools and districts over the course of a school year, combining face-to-face workshops, live webinars, online course work, and one-to-one coaching to help bring about change.
Please Contact Gail Ross-McBride at gail@edtechteacher.org or 888-377-9518 for additional information.
iPad T21 Program
Chromebook T21 Program
Web Tools T21 program
Elementary Classroom T21 Program

Blended Learning

We use a blended learning approach for our extended professional development program, exposing educators to both face-to-face workshops as well as online asynchronous and synchronous learning. Participants complete online course modules and participate in live webinars in addition to the hands-on workshops.

Skill Development

We help teachers learn to employ the best resources for teaching, creation, and collaboration. Participants in our program develop the skills to become teacher leaders in education technology integration. Those who complete the course receive professional development credit as well as an option to pay for additional graduate credit through Framingham State University.