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We offer live, free ed tech webinars throughout the school year aimed at helping educators integrate technology effectively in the classroom. This is a great opportunity learn something new, as well as to connect with other teachers from across the country and around the world.

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January 2015 Webinars

Winter Webinars 2014-2015

In December 2014 and January 2015, in anticipation for the EdTechTeacher iPad Summit in San Diego, we will host educators from around the globe virtually to share and connect. These free ed tech webinars will be live and recordings available if you couldn't join us.


January Webinars:


January 6th/7th: "Synchronicity & Invisibility" - Innovative & Effective iPads Integration in the Classroom

(8pm EST) How do we we integrate iPads in a truly meaningful way that promotes creativity and enhances learning? Come join us as Beth Holland moderates a conversation with Paul Hamilton - educator, author, and Apple Distinguished Educator from Brisbane, Australia, and Rabbi Michael Cohen - Ed Tech Director, Doctoral Candidate, and Google Educator. 


January 15th: Technology & Testing - Curriculum, Common Core & Incredible Learning

(8pm EST) Whether you are facing the requirements of Common Core, AP curriculum, or state-specific tests, iPads, Chromebooks, and other mobile devices can play an incredible role in helping your students to become problem solvers, critical thinkers, and successful learners while also preparing for these tests. Find out how as Beth Holland hosts three incredible educators in this webinar.


January 28th: The Future is Now - iPads in Higher Education

(9pm EST) Mobile devices have changed the face of teaching and learning in the classroom and are redefining the future of “work.” From digital note taking to digital professionalism, our panel of guests will share how they are transitioning higher education from the 20th to the 21st century.


December Webinars Archives:


December 3rd: How to get started with the Hour of Code

(6pm EST) Anybody can learn to code! The Hour of Code is an initiative by to bring coding to every classroom during Computer Science Education week (December 8th-15th). If you are looking for a place to start, we have brought together a team of experts from around the globe to provide you with ideas ahout how you can participate.

Speakers: Kate Wilson, Maggie Keeler, David Andrews (Author of Programming Made Easy), and Franklin Onuoha (South Boston Computer Clubhouse Coordinator)

December 9th: Creating and Collaborating on eBooks

(6pm EST) Join us, the creator of BookCreator - Dan Amos, and the winners of the  AppSmash Awards - Elizabeth Glassman & Nik Chatzopoulos, to learn how you can use eBooks to enhance teaching and learning.

Speakers: Beth Holland, Sabba Quidwai, Dan Amos (Creator of Book Creator), Elizabeth Glassman (High School Biology Teacher) & Nik Chatzopoulos (4th Grade Teacher).

December 10th: Beyond the Hour of Code: Coding by Design

(8pm EST) After the Hour of Code come learn what you can do next! Learn how to take a design-first approach to coding, and find ways to incorporate it into your curriculum at all grade levels. By approaching coding as the language of critical thinking, we can engage all students through the design process.

Speakers: Douglas Kiang and Kate Wilson



Past Webinars

We have even more webinars archived from past years. Check out the wealth of resources available.

Connected Educators Month 2014

How To Be a Better Connector: Strategies for Educators, Parents, and Admins

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With the tools of our digital age, it is easier than ever to connect youth to engaging and meaningful learning opportunities with like-minded peers and mentors. But there are still challenges to overcome such as equitable access to technology, buy-in from education admins, and privacy/trust concerns. This month, we invite you to learn with us as we work together to surface solutions to these issues. Join us throughout October as we chat with innovative educators, forward-thinking school administrators, and engaged parents about how to better implement & support technology-enhanced practices that make learning relevant for today’s youth.

October 7th- Connected K-6 Educators: Supporting Openly Networked Learning

(8pm EST) What does “Connected Learning” look like with younger learners? What are the benefits of inter-classroom collaboration, and what are some strategies to make ‘breaking down the classroom walls’ a manageable reality? Speakers: Beth Holland, Kristen Wideen, Suzy Brooks, and Ben Schersten.

October 14th- Connected Parents: Encouraging Peer-Supported Learning

(8pm EST) Learning can be more powerful when in tandem with like-minded mentors and peers. What do parents need to know in order to feel secure in supporting online (and offline) peer-supported learning? Speakers: Patrick Larkin and Tanya Avrith

October 21st- Connected Administrators: Fostering Learning That Leads to Opportunities

(8pm EST) Innovative practitioners need to feel it’s ‘safe’ to promote digital media-heavy, production-centered learning. What can learning environment administrators do to better support these efforts? Speakers: Tom Daccord, Jean Tower, Craig Badura

October 28th- Connected Curriculum: Promoting Interest-Powered Learning

(8pm EST) Hear how educational practitioners are successfully adapting the principles and values of Connected Learning into their daily educational practice.
Speakers: Shawn McCusker, Lisa Johnson, Kim Douillard, and Jo Paraiso

Back to School Webinars

In August and September 2014, we hosted educators from around the globe virtually to share and connect. Check out these recordings and resources from the Back to School series: 


August 19th: Back-to-School Tech Tips for New Teachers

(7pm EST) Whether you are launching into your first year as a classroom teacher, taking on a new role, or moving to a new school, come get some helpful tech tips to get the year started.  Speakers: Tom DaccordCarl HookerPatrick LarkinLisa Dabbs, and Douglas Kiang  

August 28th: Preparing Parents for Technology in the Classroom

(7pm EST) The first few weeks of school are the perfect time to bring parents on board with your technology use in the classroom. Come join us as our veteran team of teachers and administrators offer suggestions for talking to parents. Speakers: Beth HollandCarl HookerPatrick LarkinLisa Dabbs, and special guest Devorah Heitner.

September 4th: Tips + Hints to Pitch Your EdTechTeacher iPad Summit Proposal 

(4pm EST) Ever wonder how conference organizers choose who presents? While we can't tell you how other conferences make their decisions, we're happy to share our process. If you are interested in presenting at our upcoming events in Boston, San Diego, or Toronto, we'd love to tell you more about how we select presenters and how you can make your presentation as compelling as possible. If you are looking to improve your proposal writing skills, come join us to learn tips and hints for the future. Speakers: Justin Reich and other EdTechTeam members

September 9th: Back-to-School with iPads in the Classroom

(8pm EST) After a summer of preparing for iPads in the classroom, the school year has begun. Now what? Come join us as we offer up recommendations for lessons, activities, procedures, and tools to help get the school year started. Speakers: Tanya AvrithShawn McCusker, and Lisa Johnson

September 18th: Back-to-School with Google

(8pm EST) Over the summer, a number of features changed – and were updated – within Google Apps for Education. Join us for a tour of these exciting new options and learn how they can enhance teaching and learning this fall. Speakers: Tanya AvrithBeth Holland, and Greg Kulowiec

September 23rd: Get to Know Google Classroom

(8pm EST) With the recent launch of Google Classroom, it has become significantly easier for teachers to push out and collect assignments from students. Come join us to learn how this new tool can simplify your classroom workflow with any device. Speakers: Greg KulowiecShawn McCuskerTanya Avrith, and Beth Holland