May 20, 2014

10 Reasons to Attend an EdTechTeacher Google Workshop

Though we teach Google Apps in just about every summer workshop, this year, we are running Google Chromebook & The Google-Infused Classroom in four cities.

Whether you will have access to Chromebooks or just Google Apps next year, here’s why you shouldn’t miss out on one of these great opportunities.

10 Reasons to Attend a Google Workshop

10. Get hands-on experience with Google Docs for reading, writing, research, presentations, data analysis and more.
9. Connect with other teachers using Google Apps or Chromebooks in their classrooms.
8. Discover how you can use Google Apps to help students become better collaborators and publishers.
7. Learn to use Google Forms for formative assessment as well as ways you never thought possible.
6. Find out how to use Google Drawing to update your website, make amazing info-graphics, and to collaboratively mind map.
5. Gain a solid understanding of the best Chrome Extensions and Chrome Apps to empower your students.
4. Create YouTube playlists and channels to enhance learning and differentiate instruction.
3. Explore ways to use Google Sites and Blogger as a student portfolio or class web site.
2. Become a Google expert! Learn the best Google Scripts and explore some of the advanced ways you can use Google Apps in the classroom.
1. Leave with a plethora of plans and ideas to use with your students next year!