July 22, 2014

August 19th: Back-to-School Tech Tips for New Teachers




August 19th, 2014

Whether you are launching into your first year as a classroom teacher, taking on a new role, or moving to a new school, come get some helpful tech tips to get the year started.

August 19th at 7pm EST
Speakers: Tom Daccord, Carl Hooker, Patrick Larkin, Lisa Dabbs, and Douglas Kiang

Chat Transcript:

EdTechTeacherPlease introduce yourself!

Sabba N. Quidwai Hi :) Sabba here. Working with some new professors this year at USC so looking forward to some great tips.

EdTechTeacher We are glad everyone could join us! The EdTechTeacher team is introducing themselves now. Let us know here if you are having any technical issues

EdTechTeacherHi Sabba! Great to “see you” again!

Sabba N. QuidwaiLol likewise

EdTechTeacher https://edtechteacher.org/apps/poll/

EdTechTeacher https://edtechteacher.org/tools/responses/

EdTechTeacher Kahoot is great! We need to add that it to our list! https://getkahoot.com/

Guest 144 slides?

EdTechTeacher If you hit “refresh” now, I have the slides embeded below the chat

Guest 144 thanks :)

Carl Hooker Howdy Everyone!

Carl Hooker Howdy y’all

Carl Hooker Did my slides not show?

EdTechTeacher No they didn’t but I have embeded them below now. Just need to hit refresh

Guest 384 Do we get a certificate for professional development after taking this class?

Guest 384 Kid Blog is great

Guest 384 How do you sign up your school to become google apps for education so you can have access to google classroom? I saw this online and was wondering if you can sign up as a single teacher. I do not know how you would do that.

EdTechTeacher Hi Guest 384. We can make you a certificate. Please email kate@edtechteacher.org with your name and I can send one to you

Guest 384 Thanks

EdTechTeacher Your school has to register with Google to gain a Google Apps for Education account. Its not for single teachers at this time.

EdTechTeacher Do you have a tech department you can ask about registering? Its free for schools of certain sizes.

Guest 384 No

Guest 384 The teacher are pretty much their own tech people

Guest 384 I work for nyc

Guest 384 Minecraft is great for math

Guest 384 As well as Scratch Junior and Kodu Game Lab

Carl Hooker You can submit for a GAFE here: http://www.google.com/enterprise/apps/education/

Carl Hooker If someone else in your district has already applied for GAFE, then it won’t work

Carl Hooker That’s why usually you have a tech person/prinicpal/Supt as the one that applies to be a GAFE district/school

Guest 384 ok

EdTechTeacher In a few minutes we will start taking questions, if you have any please ask here and we will try to get to as many as we can before the end of the hour.

Carl Hooker Guest 384 – We have even seen Minecraft used in Humanities. Recreating historical places to scale

Patrick Larkin I always feel smarter after listening to my ETT colleagues!

EdTechTeacher Any last questions for the panel?

Carl Hooker Me too! Going to take the Bartle Test now….I’m sure I”m a killer…:)

EdTechTeacher Thanks for joining us! We hope you will join us again!