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EdTechTeacher has partnered with New EdTech Classroom to bring you Next Generation Teacher.

This online, self-paced professional learning program is designed to help teachers use technology to create relevant, authentic, highly engaging lessons for all students. Learn more below!

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The most transformational professional learning you’ll ever experience.

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Become a Next Generation Teacher.

Our goal is to help you learn how to use technology to create relevant, authentic, highly engaging lessons for each and every one of your students. In order to achieve this, we’ll help you build skills across 7 Core Competencies.

Revamp your Role

A Next Generation Teacher is a facilitator of learning who cedes the spotlight, takes risks, and commits to lifelong learning.

Magnifying Meaning

A Next Generation Teacher instills a deep love of learning through helping students understand why it is important to THEM.

Amplify Agency

A Next Generation Teacher empowers students to take ownership of their learning through voice and choice.

Bust Barriers

A Next Generation Teacher seeks to proactively eliminate the obstacles that often stand in the way of learning.

Teach Technology

A Next Generation Teacher creates opportunities for students to learn how to use technology, regardless of the subject & grade they teach.

Elevate Experience

A Next Generation Teacher casts aside lecture & listen instruction in favor of active participation, project-based, and inquiry-based learning.

Curate Curriculum

A Next Generation Teacher incorporates up-to-date materials to help make learning more relevant.

Meet your instructors.

Sam Kary | Founder & CEO of New EdTech Classroom

Sam is an ISTE certified educator, technology-integration expert, and instructional design specialist with a decade of classroom teaching experience. He is deeply passionate about helping teachers learn how to create highly engaging, innovative lessons.

Sam’s instructional videos on YouTube have accrued over 8 million views, and he has taught thousands more through his highly acclaimed online courses, webinars, and professional development sessions. He regularly presents at EdTech conferences such as ISTE, FETC, TCEA, CUE, and more, and his work supporting teachers has been featured in Forbes.

Sam lives in Northern California with his wife, Sabrina, two Australian Shepherds, and five loud chickens. Outside of work he spends his time skiing, bikepacking, working in his garden, and jogging around his neighborhood.

Thom Gibson | Co-Founder & President of New EdTech Classroom

Thom Gibson is a two-time teacher of the year educator, educational consultant, and an Adobe Education Leader. He has 10 years of classroom teaching experience having taught middle-school math, robotics, and YouTube Video Production.

Thom regularly speaks at edtech conferences such as SXSW Edu, TCEA, ISTE, and more. He’s created multiple online courses for educators about developing 21st century classroom jobs, creating classroom economies, and making more effective video lessons. Before joining New EdTech Classroom, he supported educators through his own YouTube channel since 2013, creating hundreds of videos with nearly 2 million views.

Outside of education, he’s a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, an avid runner, a chicken wing (and ranch) connoisseur, and is actively involved in his church. He, his wife Sara, and daughter Audrey live in Austin, TX.

What you can expect.

Next Generation Teacher is designed for hands-on, personalized, community-based instruction.

Hands-on Learning

Interactive activities using the same apps you’ll be using with your students.

Personalized Instruction

Each lesson offers choice in what you want to learn, how you want to learn it, and how you want to show what you’ve learned.

Community-Based Learning

Ask questions and share ideas, tips, and resources with a community of like-minded educators and a professional learning network that reaches beyond your school walls.

Searchable Content

Just need to figure out how to use an app, how to create a choice board, or how to set up a flipped classroom? We’ve got you covered with searchable content for your in-the-moment learning needs.

Fully Customizable Resources

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to implement the innovative practices you’ll be learning about. That’s why we will provide you with fully customizable templates and resources in every project, document, and assignment in 21st Century Teacher.

App Tutorial Bank

We know it’s important to have one place to find the tutorials you need, when you need them. That’s why we’re including our App Tutorial Bank for all 21st Century Teacher members.

Choose the right plan for you.

All plans come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.




All courses

Community access

Downloadable templates

All app tutorials




2 months free

All courses

Community access

Downloadable templates

All app tutorials

Money back guarantee.

100% satisfaction guarantee

We want your experience in Next Generation Teacher to be amazing and completely worth your investment. So, if you complete the activities, engage with the community, and still don’t find the program useful, send us an email within 30 days of your enrollment date and we’ll gladly refund your full payment.

Please note that the money-back guarantee only applies if there is evidence of completed course work. If you don’t do the work, you won’t see any transformation from the program.

Frequently asked questions.

If you don’t see your question below, we’re just an email away. Reach out to [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help.

What makes your program different from other online courses?

The vast majority of online courses about teaching with technology are almost entirely passive learning experiences with little opportunity for hands-on experience using the programs you are learning.

Not only does every lesson provide you with the chance to create authentic lesson materials that you’ll actually use in your classroom, we also teach you using those same programs so that you learn what it’s like to experience them from a student’s perspective.

In addition, all of our members have access to a wide-variety of pre-created templates, searchable content, and a thriving community where you can share what you are creating, ask questions, and get feedback.

I only want to join Next Generation Teacher for a month or two. Is that an option?

Absolutely! You have the option to pay either monthly or annually. Please note that you end up paying slightly more if you go for the monthly option, so the annual plan is the best value.

Can I request funding from my school?

Yes! We accept purchase orders and we’ll even send you a customized funding request letter to present to your administration. If you or your school has any questions about the program, they can reach us at [email protected].

I’m not a “tech-expert.” Is Next Generation Teacher for me?

Absolutely! We’ve built each lesson with the understanding that everyone is in a different place in their edtech journey. We will provide instructional tutorials with every app we introduce. We also will often provide choice on which app you’d like to use so you can choose when to stick to an app you know and when to try something new.

I have a lot of experience teaching with tech/am a tech coach. Is this program for me?

Definitely! With many of our projects and assignments, we provide various levels of challenge so feel free to jump to the ‘advanced’ section of those assignments. You’ll also have plenty of opportunity to jump down the ‘edtech rabbit hole’ not only in the various apps we will be using, but in exploring HOW we will be using them as well.

How much time do the courses in Next Generation Teacher take to complete?

We’ll have a variety of course offerings that require different amount of time to complete. The shortest courses will be able to be completed within 1-2 hours.

Our most comprehensive course is our flagship Next Generation Teacher Certification Course. It includes 6 modules, each with about 5 lessons. Each lesson takes about 30 minutes to get through, though they are designed for you to spend time revamping your own lessons which can take an additional 1-2 hours per lesson. That comes out to approximately 40 hours.

Our Gold & Platinum members will also have access to an hour-long live class for each module during the Next Generation Teacher Certification Course and all of our other live cohorts. Those are recorded and available for later viewing.

I work at a Google for Education school. Is this program for me?

Very much so. When we’re introducing an innovative teaching strategy, you’ll almost always have the option to implement that strategy using Google tools & apps (ie. Docs, Slides, Jamboard, Drive, etc).

Additionally, our ‘How to Set Up Your Personal Organization System’ course is all about organizing and optimizing your Google Drive, Chrome browser, Gmail, and Google Calendar.

I work at a Microsoft school. Is this program for me?

Our programs teach you how to develop skills in the 7 Core 21st Century Competencies. Learning these skills is program agnostic, and does not require that you use specific edtech applications. The vast majority of the programs we teach can can be used with any platform, so Microsoft teachers still get a lot out of our courses.

That being said, it is important to note that we highlight and use Google products throughout our courses (Google Chrome, Slides, Sheets, Forms, and Docs), but do not specifically refer to or use Microsoft Team, Edge, Word, or Powerpoint.

Do you offer school plans?

Yes! Please email us at [email protected] if you are interested in enrolling a group of teachers from your school.

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