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Post by EdTechTeacher Instructor Tom Driscoll (@TomDriscollEDU) In my latest session of our EdTechTeacher Back to School webinar series, I took participants on a dive into “Podcasting with PBL”. Our focus was on exploring ways that we can leverage the power of audio and podcasting to take PBL (Project-Based Learning) units to the next level. […]

Ideas for Project-Based Learning at the Elementary Level

EdTechTeacher Instructor Tom Driscoll shares ideas for implementing project-based learning (PBL) at the elementary level, including tips for adapting project ideas in a remote learning environment.

So We’ve Been Thinking: Episode 19 – Andrew Miller – Making PBL Work

Shawn Talks with Project Based Learning (PBL) Expert Andrew Miller. Some changes take more than just making a new lesson or building a new unit. These changes can require a whole new mindset or in some cases building a new classroom culture. Project based Learning is one of these changes. Andrew Miller has been sharing his PBL expertise around the world and stops by today to discuss “Making PBL Work”

Project Based Learning as Mindset – from Beth Holland

This post first appeared on the EdTech Researcher blog at Education Week. I had a fascinating conversation with a few teachers the other day. Though their school leadership viewed Project-Based Learning (PBL) as a pathway to student-centered learning, these teachers explained that many of their colleagues viewed PBL as a “box to check” before going […]