September 24, 2021

Adding Private Mote Comments to the Comment Bank in Google Classroom

Mote is a powerful Google Chrome Extension that allows audio recordings to be seamlessly included in a variety of Google environments including: the comments of Google Docs or Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, and Google Classroom.  In Google Classroom, Mote recordings can be a part of the instructions of an assignment, or they can be part of a Private Comment in the grading area.  

Recently, while facilitating a workshop with some educators in the Reed-Custer School District in Illinois, a question arose about whether or not the private Mote comments could be added to the Comment Bank in Google Classroom for frequent and repeated use.  After a bit of exploring, I discovered that they can, indeed, be added to the Comment Bank.  Then, they can be used again and again, which creates a way for teachers to streamline their workflow and save time.  I even discovered that I could “label” the comments in the Bank so that I’d remember what each one was. 

For a quick explanation of how to create and store Mote comments in the Google Classroom Comment Bank, check out this 3-minute video.