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Remote Learning Guidebook

We hope that educators and school leaders find this guidebook useful in planning for the 2020-21 school year and beyond.

At EdTechTeacher, we believe in the potential for transformative learning experiences through innovative uses of technology. This guidebook provides educators with best practices, practical recommendations, and technology tools to reimagine learning in any classroom.

What we cover:

Building blocks of digital learning experiences

  • Topics include the importance of a common vision, relationship-building, efficient use of time, and quality professional learning.

Designing meaningful digital experiences

  • Topics include student-teacher roles in online learning spaces, curriculum design for hybrid and remote learning, and communicating with students online.

Creating engaging digital lessons

  • Recommendations and resources for specific technology tools related to digital communication, interactive texts and lessons, audio production, screencasting tools, video creation, and subject-specific tools.

Reimagining assessment

  • Considerations for reimagining assessment in online learning spaces, including an emphasis on formative assessment to provide a more comprehensive picture of student learning that measures student product, process, and progress.

Designing formative assessments

  • Recommendations and resources for specific technology tools related to formative assessment including polls, surveys and quizzes, and gamified assessment tools.

Customized Workshops for your School

For Teachers. From Teachers.

Bring our expertise to your teachers for personalized professional development. In Person Workshops, Webinars, or Self-Paced Online Courses are all available to your teachers – or a combination of them all! We tailor to your needs and budge. Check out our examples of the hundreds of offerings. Don’t see what you need? Contact us, we are always adding new workshops and customizing to the needs of our clients.

EdTechTeacher / Google / DESE – Workshop Series

EdTechTeacher and Google, in partnership with the Massachusetts DESE are providing a full program of workshops continuing this fall through the 2021-2022 school year for Massachusetts k-12 public school leaders, administrators, coaches and educators that are interested in exploring the potential and impact of the high-quality use of Google Workspace for Education in the classroom. 

Deep Dive Topics

Explore these topics to learn about strategies for improving teaching and learning.

Design Thinking

Take a deep dive hands-on approach to understanding and teaching design thinking in our classrooms. 


Learn about the purpose of assessing student learning and how to implement formative assessment.

Leadership & School Transformation

What does it take to truly inspire change and see it through for lasting learning results.

Project Based Learning

Join us as we share examples and strategies for incorporating project-based learning into any curriculum.

Explore strategies and tools for instruction in remote and blended/hybrid learning.

Instructional Coaching

How can we help our teachers to become better leaders in their classroom and empower their ideas.

Frameworks for Thinking

How we frame our thinking about teaching with technology.

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