August 23, 2013

Back-to-School/End-of-Summer Resources
This time of year is always hectic for us. Some schools are well into the second or third week of school while others are just getting ready for students to return. The team led six workshops in five states and two countries this week to support back-to-school initiatives. Whether you are already entrenched in classes or preparing to set up your classroom next week, here are our Weekly Resources.

From The EdTechTeacher Team

Preparing Parents for a Year of Mobile Learning
Carl Hooker and Patrick Larkin did an amazing job hosting Nat Vaugh (@nat_vaughn) and Scott Meech (@smeech) for this week's Connected Learning webinar. The recording, chat transcript, and group notes are all available online. They each made excellent points about communicating with parents and empowering them as part of the learning process.
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5 Powerful But Little-Known Ways To Use Your Apple iPad
Looking for one last burst of professional development before diving into lesson prep and working with students? Check out our FREE online course with Modern Lessons.

Resources We Picked Up This Week

Google Apps Help Site from BB&N This is a fantastic web site created by the tech department at BB&N school to smooth the transition from First Class to GAFE. Wolfram MathWorld: The Web's Most Extensive Mathematics Resource From Wolfram Alpha, this new site seems to almost be a mathematical encyclopedia. Brickflow - Turn your media into memorable stories This new tool seems to be a more visual version of storify except the final output is a slideshow. Quip A cross between Evernote, Drive, and Draft, Quip allows you to collaborate on notes like Google Docs, but organize neatly like Evernote. Works across platforms and devices. Loop This is a hand-drawn animation tool for iPad that makes sketches come to life.