November 20, 2014

Building Your EdTech Ecosystem – From Beth Holland
This post first appeared on Edutopia.
Too often we look for a single solution when it comes to technology, yet our needs constantly evolve. Additionally, the apps and programs continually change. We each have personal preferences and methods, and on top of that, our students have different learning needs. Recently, I've found myself offering choices that would serve a purpose rather than teaching a specific tool. For example, teachers looking to curate web content might choose Evernote, Diigo, Pinterest, or Padlet. As long as their content can be saved, searched, and shared, they can choose the tool that they prefer. Each time we repeat the process of identifying a solution, we add a new element to our technology ecosystem. In the physical world, no two ecosystems resemble each other -- the tundra is far different than the desert. Similarly, no two technology systems are identical, though each requires a means to:
  1. Support and transport information
  2. Create new content
  3. Communicate and share
  4. Sustain energy in order to thrive.
Image Credit: Richard Wells (@iPadWells)
>> Read the full article on Edutopia. Looking for ideas of apps and tools to add to your edtech ecosystem? Check out our App Recommendations and Tech Tools by Subject and Skill. Want to learn more from Beth Holland? She will be a presenter at the February 9-11 iPad Summit in San Diego.