Campbell School of Innovation

JANUARY 30 & 31, 2020

Campbell, California


From keynote speakers to EdTechTeacher instructors and invited experts, check out our lineup.


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Choose from one of the four event strands for a deep dive into the concept.


This 2-day EdTechTeacher event, hosted by Campbell School of Innovation, will provide differing approaches to exploring innovation. Educators are invited to select one the four event strands and take a deep dive into the concept. Over the 2 days, attendees will participate in collaborative, hands-on workshops focused on how to integrate their strand concept into their school, classroom, or learning design.

Deeper Learning, Fostering Social Emotional Learning Through the Design Thinking Process, Project-Based Learning, and Utilizing Technology for Creativity & Innovation in the Elementary Classroom. Participants will have an additional opportunity to explore ideas as the keynote speaker discusses how the process of developing a graduate profile can lead to innovation in teaching and learning. These two days are designed for administrators, teachers, and instructional technology specialists.

Deeper Learning

Tom Driscoll will lead an in-depth exploration of Deeper Learning and how schools can foster environments that promote the application of knowledge in real-world contexts.

Utilizing Technology for Creativity & Innovation in the Elementary Classroom

Avra Robinson will explore how technology tools can customize and personalize the learning experience for our elementary students.

Fostering Social Emotional Learning Through the Design Thinking Process

Greg Kulowiec leads the strand explores the intersection of Design Thinking and Social Emotional Learning. Educators will design opportunities to foster SEL via the process of Design Thinking.

Project Based Learning

Shawn McCusker will take you through this intensive workshop, to learn and work through a design process that will lead to successful Project Based Learning experiences for students.




Rosey is an assistive and educational technology consultant and Apple Teacher with over 25 years teaching experience at all grade levels. Currently, she is a Program Supervisor at Lesley University and an instructor with EdTechTeacher. Rosey works with teachers to design accessible curriculum for all learners.



Deeper Learning

Tom is an EdTechTeacher instructor and Director of Learning and Technology

in Bristol, Rhode Island.


Design Thinking

Greg is a senior instructor with EdTechTeacher and former history. He has facilitated Design Thinking workshops across the country and helps schools unlock and unpack Design Thinking.


Utilizing Technology for Creativity & Innovation in the Elementary Classroom

Avra is an instructor and the

Director of Online Learning

for EdTechTeacher.


Project Based Learning

Shawn is an EdTechTeacher instructor, former history teacher and administrator. 


Choose one of the four conference strands – Deeper Learning, Design Thinking, Project Based Learning, or Creativity & Innovation in Elementary – and take a deep dive into this topic over the course of the 2-day event.

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Deeper Learning

As our world continues to shift in many ways, so do the knowledge and skills needed to navigate our evolving knowledge economy and interconnected global community. Deeper Learning represents a set of key competencies that today’s students must develop to thrive in our modern world. Built upon a strong foundation of academic knowledge, Deeper Learning classrooms and schools foster learning environments that promote the application of student knowledge in authentic and challenging ways. These environments call upon students to develop questions, iterate on ideas, and apply what they have learned in real-world contexts. Key student competencies that transcend several Deeper Learning frameworks include critical thinking, collaboration, communication, developing academic mindsets, and, what many consider most essential, learning how to learn.

In this workshop, participants will dive into the core competencies of Deeper Learning and engage in case studies of schools and districts across the nation that have effectively fostered Deeper Learning environments. Participants will also actively collaborate in hands-on design challenges aimed at developing experiences and instructional environments that promote Deeper Learning. We will draw upon research and proven instructional approaches that foster Deeper Learning, such a Project Based Learning, Personalized Learning and Design Thinking. Participants will leave this workshop equipped not only with knowledge and key resources related to Deeper Learning but also actionable plans to implement these strategies in their own educational context.


Fostering Social Emotional Learning Through the Design Thinking Process

Design Thinking has emerged as a framework that can be used in education to foster creativity and innovative problem solving. Additionally, schools are increasingly addressing the social emotional needs of students in order to create a learner-centered environment that values self-awareness, social awareness, and decision-making alongside curriculum and academic achievement as equal components of an educational experience. The combination of understanding and leveraging the Design Thinking process as a framework to design, prototype, implement, and test methods and strategies by which to foster Social Emotional Learning (SEL) are a perfect fit. Further, by increasing comfort, awareness and implementation of Design Thinking, educators can develop meaningful insight into the experience of their students and the opportunities to integrate SEL into the curriculum and classroom experience that moves beyond an isolated SEL lesson plan or activity.


Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students explore real-world problems and challenges over an extended period of time, acquiring deeper knowledge and expertise in multiple disciplines simultaneously. Applicable across grade levels and content areas, PBL is a pedagogical method that encourages student voice while maintaining a challenging path to learning. The essential design elements of PBL provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of concepts, refine 21st Century Skills, and publish to an authentic audience.

In this intensive, two-day workshop, participants will learn the essential design elements of PBL, define the difference between projects and true Project Based Learning, and work through a design process that will lead to successful Project Based Learning experiences for students. This workshop will help teachers create the PBL experience students need whether they are an individual teachers constructing PBL experiences for their class, working with their team to build a cross curricular experiences, building large scale semester long experiences, or focusing on smaller scale units. We will discuss strategies to help students construct powerful driving questions to support sustained inquiry, maximize authenticity, and identify ways in which we can ensure student voice and choice throughout the process. Participants will also explore examples, create assessment frameworks, and reimagine current curriculum in order to implement a Project Based Learning path in their classroom.


Utilizing Technology for Creativity & Innovation in the Elementary Classroom

As teachers, everyday we are faced with decisions about how to effectively integrate technology tools, activities, and strategies into our classroom instruction. We know that technology and interactive media provide a variety of opportunities for learners, and we are always looking for creative and collaborative learning opportunities for our students.

In this workshop, we will explore how technology tools can customize and personalize the learning experience for our students. We will build a community of learners using applications and web tools that foster a home/school connection, while allowing students to effectively learn, see themselves as learners and ultimately, take ownership for their learning. With a focus on voice and choice, we will explore best practices for using multimedia, as well as powerful and innovative ways to empower students to demonstrate and share their understanding.


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DAY 1 


7:45 – Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:15 – Introductions and Keynote Presentation

9:30 – Morning Session

12:00 – Lunch

1:00 – Afternoon Session

3:30 – End of Day

DAY 2 


8:00 – Inspire Sessions with Strand Instructors (Continental Breakfast included)

9:00 – Morning Session

12:00 – Lunch

1:00 – Afternoon Session

3:30 – End of Day


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As a Director of Educational Technology (BWRSD), EdTechTeacher Instructor, authorized Google for Education Trainer, author and speaker, Tom is recognized nationally as a leader in helping teachers, schools and districts transform teaching and learning with technology.




An early adopter of mobile devices, Greg first integrated cell phones, and then iPads, into his high school history curricula. As an EdTechTeacher instructor, he works with schools across the country, presents at national conferences, and blogs regularly about the creative capabilities afforded by mobile devices. He officially coined the phrase “App Smashing,” is an authorized Google Education Trainer, and attended St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH.




Avra Robinson is the Director of Online Learning and an Instructor for EdTechTeacher, as well as an Adjunct Faculty member for Kishwaukee College in Malta, Illinois. An authorized Google Education Trainer and dedicated educational technologist, Avra has been working with teachers and students for over 20 years. Prior to joining EdTechTeacher, Avra was first a classroom teacher and later the Instructional Technology Coordinator and coach for a K-8 school district in Northern Illinois. During that time, she worked with teachers and students on a daily basis as they worked towards total Common Core State Standards integration in a 1:1 program that included Chromebooks, iPads, and Windows laptops. Avra has presented at local and regional conferences sharing ideas about digital publishing, coaching teachers, Google Apps for Education, and more.




Shawn McCusker has 25 years of experience as a middle and high school teacher in public, private, and alternative schools. In 2006, he was recognized as a finalist for the Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching. He is an expert in both iPad and Chromebook integration in the classroom. An inspiring speaker, he has keynoted the IOWA 1:1 Conference, Innovation Summit San Diego, and the Illinois School Library Media Association as well as providing local keynotes.