July 9, 2014

Cardboard Box Tools – from Beth Holland
This post first appeared on Edutopia.
... We can learn a lot from children's infatuations with cardboard boxes. It shows us how much they want to shape and construct new things, how they long for the freedom to create. In fact, as illustrated by the phenomenon of Caine's Arcade, when students gain the freedom to explore, to learn independently, and to share their creations, they will astound us. Consider the fact that one boy's cardboard arcade inspired thousands from around the world to create and share their own inventions. Beyond cardboard boxes, think about the timeless toys that exist today -- Legos, Lincoln Logs, crayons -- and what they have in common: each provides open-ended possibilities for creation. What if we leverage our students' innate curiosity and desire to create new objects and apply it to how we choose apps for mobile devices? Rather than trying to find "an app for that," what if we seek out the empty cardboard boxes and then empower our students to maximize their potential? >> Read the full article on Edutopia to learn more about these tools. Want to learn more about these types of tools and others? Come join us at the July 28-30 EdTechTeacher Summit!