The 3 R’s of Teaching Reading Remotely

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A Guest post by Dr. Courtney Pepe When reflecting upon the changing educational landscape that is taking place during Remote Learning, there are many challenges and dilemmas facing educators.  Fortunately,  educators are creative, dynamic and resourceful professionals who have the ability to turn challenges into opportunities.   One notable challenge facing educators during Remote Learning is […]

Best Mic Options For Teachers

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An edtech gear post by Tom Driscoll Teachers across the world are attending virtual meetings, hosting live classes and creating instructional videos.  When engaging in this new reality of teaching, you may have realized that your computer’s built-in microphone just isn’t cutting it.  I realized this a while back when creating my first “flipped videos” […]

Learn EdPuzzle in Two Minutes

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A new video tutorial by Tom Driscoll Edpuzzle is an amazing platform that enables teachers to create interactive video lessons.  In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to create an account, select a video, make it interactive (with questions and voiceovers) and assign it to your class.  Here is the direct link to the video, also […]

Screencasting with Screencastify

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A new post & video tutorial by Tom Driscoll Screencastify is one of the most popular screencasting tools for educators, and for good reason!  It is a free Chrome extension that enables you to record your screen, add voiceover audio, and embed a webcam video.  There are also some annotation and editing tools built-in.  This […]