Assessment Over Evaluation in Helping New Initiatives Thrive

Assessment Over Evaluation in Helping New Initiatives Thrive - EdTechTeacher

Assessment Over Evaluation in Helping New Initiatives Thrive was originally posted on his EdTechResearcher blog on EdWeek. Separating assessment from evaluation is one way that schools and educators can start having healthier conversations about change and improvement. In a recent conversation with my colleague Peter Senge about the differences between assessment and evaluation, he had […]

#ETTchat: Evaluating New Technology Initiatives in Schools – an interview with Justin Reich & James Daley

EETTchat – Justin – Innovation

This fall, as part of our #ETTchat series, Communications Editor James Daley will be chatting with our EdTechTeacher instructors about some of their favorite tools, apps, and strategies for the classroom. In this post, he chats with co-founder Justin Reich about the question Is All This Innovation Working? In his role as co-founder of EdTechTeacher, Justin Reich has spent […]

Why Is Measuring Learning So Difficult? A Video Conversation with iPad Summit Keynoter, Justin Reich

EdTechTeacher, EdWeek

Check out this new video from EDUCAUSE with four experts, including EdTechTeacher co-founder and iPad Summit Boston Keynote Speaker, Justin Reich addressing the question, “Why is measuring learning difficult?” On his blog, EdTechResearcher, Justin says this video has “some good reflections on learning analytics, data, MOOCs, testing, pyschometrics, and more with a nice balance of humility and […]

EdTechX: A MOOC about Integrating Education Technology from Justin Reich

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This post originally appeared on Justin’s EdWeek blog, EdTech Researcher. Last week MIT kicked off a free new massive open online course called 11.133: Implementation and Evaluation of Education Technology. The course is designed to help educators think about how to integrate emerging technologies into schools and classrooms and how to evaluate those efforts. I help […]

How to Transform Teaching with Tablets – From Tom Daccord & Justin Reich


This article was first published in the May Edition of Educational Leadership from ASCD. Getting computing devices into schools is relatively easy; changing classroom practice with technology is really, really hard. Over the past century, radio, television, video cassette recorders, desktop computers, laptop computers, handheld devices, tablets, and cell phones have all been heralded as potentially […]

Techniques for Unleashing Student Work from Learning Management Systems – from Justin Reich


This post first appeared on MindShift. Helping students become networked learners begins by thinking carefully about where we conduct our online learning. Most online learning in higher education and in K-12 takes place in Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Canvas, Moodle or Blackboard. In higher education in particular, these LMS are designed to scale […]

iPad As Trojan Mouse – From Justin on EdTechResearcher

EdTechTeacher Co-Founder, Justin Reich, writes regularly at EdTechResearcher. This post first appeared yesterday on his Education Week blog. EdTechTeacher’s iPad Summit begins today. For three days people from around the world will come together to play, explore, share, and discuss how iPads might play a role in creating richer learning environments for young people. If the event […]