All the Good Apps Fit on One Screen – From Justin on EdTechResearcher

EdTechTeacher Co-Founder, Justin Reich, issued a challenge on his EdTechResearcher blog last week – to share your iPad home screen with the hashtag #onescreen. One of the core principles of good iPad usage that my EdTechTeacher colleagues have developed is the idea that educators should focus on creation apps rather than content apps. Most apps that are designed to teach […]

Failure Is Mandatory: Creating A Culture Of Innovation – From Tom & Justin on Edudemic

Progressive school administrators understand that teachers need room to explore and experiment to uncover ways to use technology effectively in the service of learning. These administrators recognize that initial tech integration forays may fall short, or even fail, but they realize that experiences gleaned help build institutional knowledge of best practices. Ultimately, enhanced community-wide knowledge […]

Teaching Teachers to Tweet – from Justin


In our summer workshops, when we mention Twitter, we typically get one of two reactions: I have no idea how to Tweet! Twitter is the best thing ever! While there is occasionally some trepidation about jumping into social media, a wealth of resources exists in the “Twitterverse.” In his latest posts on EdTechResearcher, EdTechTeacher Founder, […]

Teaching Technology to Teachers: I Used to Think… but Now I Think… – From Justin on EdTechResearcher

EdTechTeacher Directors, Tom Daccord and Justin Reich, led a summer workshop last week focused on Teaching Technology to Teachers. Justin wrote the post below on EdTechResearcher with his reflections on technology integration and technology professional development. “I used to think that I needed to help teachers to use tools, but now I think I need to […]

A Vision of Education – EdTechResearcher Mashup

In October 2007, Professor Michael Wesch from Kansas State University published the video below titled A Vision of Students Today. Last week at ISTE, in discussing the future of learning, Justin Reich wrote Battling over the Meaning of “Personalization”. “Personalization” has won the hearts of every camp in education. Whether you are a market-based reformer, an open […]