Increasing Accessibility for Students on the Web

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Use Immersive Reader on Websites (unofficial) Chrome Extension Technology tools can make accessibility possible by creating embedded supports that differentiate and personalize instruction.  The Google Suite has many built-in tools to support students’ reading, writing, and fluency. Extensions for Google Chrome can customize the browsing experience for users.  Microsoft’s suite of programs has several learning […]

The Modern Challenges of Formative Assessment

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Assessment, today there is an abundance of simple, effective and free ways to collect information for learning in your classroom. A new challenge that these tools confront us with is whether we are making the most of the formative assessment data that we collect. Are we using this information effectively to inform our choices about the learning opportunities that we provide for our students?”

Google Drive – Priority & Workspaces

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Google has launched a new page in Drive called Priority.  The Priority page will show what Google’s Artificial Intelligence  identifies as documents most relevant to the user. Along with Priority comes Workspaces. Workspaces allows the user to organize and quickly access files in one place without searching the entire Drive.  Workspaces is one way to […]

Engineering the Environment for AAC Users

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As an instructor for EdTechTeacher, I have the pleasure of working with teachers from all over the country. Recently while in California,  working with special education teachers, we were exploring how the physical environment impacts student learning. Through our discussion of  the physical environment, we began to consider the environmental impact for students with limited […]