The Transformation of History Instruction

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Technology has forever changed the way that History classes are taught.  Once, not very long ago, history classes relied upon two key sources of information: the teacher and the textbook. Students read the textbook, and then the teachers shared their vast knowledge, usually through lecture.  Research assignments were key, but they were limited by the […]

So We’ve Been Thinking: Episode 16 – Haley Shoaf – Coding in the New World of Work

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In episode 16 Shawn speaks with Haley Shoaf, the Vice President of Impact at Launch Code. LaunchCode is an innovative start up that aims to address the shortage of talented coders by providing paid internships and training to people in cities around the country. More than just preparing people for the new world of work, this program allows people to change their lives and find a place in the rapidly changing and tech focused economy.