The following post is an excerpt from EdTechTeacher CEO, Tom Daccord’s new blog:

Does the following seem familiar?

“Okay, everybody, click here.

Now, everybody click here.

Now, everybody click here.

Now, everybody read along with me.

Now, everybody watch me.”

Boring, right?

Through the years I’ve seen many stand-and-deliver workshops where the presenter stands in front of attendees talking and pointing for long stretches of time. Invariably, some participants race ahead because the pace is too slow. Others get lost because the pace is too fast.  Others tune out and start checking email.

Long ago at EdTechTeacher, we developed a “challenge-based” model for our workshops where attendees become active and reflective participants. For us, a “challenge” is a set of structured tasks, arranged to increase slowly in complexity. Therefore, instead of explaining something step-by-step for an extended period we create a list of challenging tasks in an order that makes developmental sense.

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