About the Founders

  • Since 2008, EdTechTeacher has worked with schools and districts to help them leverage technology to create student-centered, inquiry-based learning. The founders, Justin Reich and Tom Daccord, started the company after teaching at the prestigious Noble & Greenough School, and previously attended Deerfield and Exeter respectively. Both are thoroughly familiar with the Independent School environment.

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  • Who is EdTechTeacher

Our Work

  • Our courses, workshop models, and approach to instruction focus on the teaching and learning that can be enhanced with technology. While we do address the technical process of using an application, the purpose and focus always return to improving teaching and learning with the use of technology. Further, we will explore any application that we see as helpful in the classroom and do not have to limit the scope of tools / apps / web tools that we introduce. We will also customize our approach to integrate any specific tools or resources that are already in place at your school.

  • EdTechTeacher works onsite with schools and districts throughout the school year both by offering both individual, custom workshops, and our full-year, blended T21 program (edtechteacher.org/t21).

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Full Year Blended Programs

  • Research studies have shown that teachers need a minimum of 36 hours of professional development before they begin to feel comfortable implementing new technologies and strategies in the classroom. The focus of the T21 year-long blended learning program is to nurture a cohort of teacher leaders that can build a school's capacity for ongoing experimentation, teaching innovation, and sharing and learning among faculty. The future of learning in our schools will be a blended combination of online and face-to-face teacher training, and the evidence from multiple studies in both higher education and K-12 is that blended learning offers advantages beyond either modality alone. Teaching is an embodied practice, and face-to-face instruction allows for modeling and discussion around classroom management, effective use of classroom space in collaboration, and other parts of classroom teaching. All of the approaches and pedagogies modeled in the face-to-face setting can then be shared throughout the community in department meetings, faculty meetings, and other training by the teacher-leader cohort members. Logistically, schools still have better organizational structures for teachers and substantial amounts of time for full-day onsite training. Working with hundreds of schools, the blended model has proven to be the most engaging for teacher-learners and the most effective in building school capacity for sustainable technology integration.

  • Comprehensive Description for  China Independent Schools T21

  • iPad 1:1

  • Design Thinking

  • Project Based Learning

  • Personalized Learning

  • Office 365

  • Train the Trainer




Available Dates

  •  July 1- July 6, 2019

  • July 20- August 8, 2019

  • August 24 - September 11, 2019




Certificates are available to Educators who complete the program




Individual Workshops

  • 2 Days   $10,000*

  • 3 Days - $12,500*

  • 4 Days - $15,000*

  • 5 Days - $17,500*

  • 6 Days - $20,000*

T21 Program:

$28,000* based on:

  • 3 Face to Face

  • 12 online modules

  • 2 webinars

*Travel and accommodations not included


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If you have questions, or need additional information, please contact  Ross-McBride, gail@edtechteacher.org or call or text 781-910-3818.