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We have partnered with EdTechTeacher to build 1:1 programs at the middle and high school levels. They have a clear vision of how technology can leverage student learning, and they have been invaluable in assisting us in building effective, practical pathways that tap into the many opportunities now available in the digital environment.

Mary Beth Banios Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Shrewsbury, MA

We at Bay Path College couldn’t be happier with the services that EdTechTeacher has provided us. Our Board of Trustees approved an iPad initiative in March of 2013 to launch in August of that same year, and without ETT’s excellent training, it’s hard to imagine that we could have been ready, let alone that our initiative would have been such a success.  ETT’s T21 Program provides an extensive, exploratory faculty development opportunity that keeps learning at the center while showing faculty the myriad ways that iPads can support active, student-centered classrooms. Many of our faculty started the training as committed lecturers and skeptical of the iPad initiative. Consistently, they have left the training with high praise for the experience and excitement about integrating iPads into their courses. ETT has helped Bay Path College not only launch an iPad initiative, but also make tremendous and rapid headway in shifting from a lecture-heavy curriculum to a culture of active learning. We recommend EdTechTeacher enthusiastically and without reservations for their superb training and excellent client services.

Charlotte L. Briggs PhD Director of Teaching and Learning Support Services, Bay Path College

The teachers who participated in the T21 program at our school are thrilled with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they gained during our eight month process.  Greg Kulowiec put us at ease from day one, reassuring us that we would have support and guidance as we journeyed into the world of 1:1 iPads and BYOD.  During the three day-long workshops we practiced using iPad apps and web based tools as Greg guided and encouraged us to do more than just substitute digital work for paperwork, but instead to transform our lessons into activities not previously possible.  The twelve modules guided us in our exploration of tools for research, classroom management, data collection, digital portfolios, collaborative projects, and personal learning networks.  As our cohort worked together online as well as in person, conversations about our work began to occur in faculty rooms and hallways. Teachers not involved in the program took an interest and our T21 teachers began acting as coaches for them.  Looking ahead to the implementation of 1:1 iPads and BYOD for next year, I cannot imagine a better preparation than the EdTechTeacher T21 program.

Robin Ricketts Steward School