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February 21, 2018

Create Custom Virtual Reality Tours with CoSpace
Creating virtual reality spaces couldn't be easier with such a student friendly platform, CoSpaces. With a well-built library of backgrounds and objects, along with the embedded coding capacity, creating dynamic virtual worlds is possible for all creators. However, the potential to create with CoSpaces is quickly amplified with a few simple additions. One can capture 360 photos with a phone or download Creative Commons 360 images from the web to act as background environments. Additionally, users looking for an object that doesn't exist in the CoSpaces library can simply download an OBJ from Google's Poly Project or create one with Tinkercad. These objects can then be added to the environment. The video tutorial below by, EdTechTeacher instructor, Greg Kulowiec demonstrates the entire process of creating immersive virtual tours with CoSpaces. Sign Up for our Newsletter!