September 1, 2021

Creating Activities & Giving Feedback to Students in Canva for EDU

Canva for EDU is integrated with several different learning management systems, and more integration is coming.  Teachers utilizing Google Classroom can currently import rosters into Canva, and push activities or assignments via Google Classroom.  Canva also has some systems built in to facilitate a feedback workflow between teachers and students.  

Students can submit assignments via Canva using the “Send to Teacher” button in the top-left of the screen.  As they submit, they can add comments to the overall project, and they can also add comments within their project as well.  Teachers get a notification via email and within Canva that student work has been completed and needs review.  As teachers review student work, they can respond to or add new comments.  Once feedback is complete, teachers can choose to return the work to the student in one of two ways.  They can select “Give Feedback,” which returns student work with a “Needs Review” status, or they can select “Return,” which marks the work as complete.  

To learn more about creating activities and assigning work, giving feedback, check out this video playlist.

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