May 27, 2016

Designing and Creating Maker Spaces with Beth Holland and Douglas Kiang

 May 26 5pm EST on EdWeb.Net


>> Watch the Webinar Recording on EdWeb


Most educators think robotics, 3D printing, and construction when they envision maker spaces, so how does this concept fit into the curriculum? By using design thinking as a framework for instruction, we will explore the possibilities for students to engage in empathy, seek new problems to solve, then prototype and test their solutions. When students start to create material for a larger audience, they ultimately need a way to make their ideas into physical realities. We will look at the pedagogy and the process to help make this happen. Topics will include:

  • Discussion of the pedagogy behind the evolution of maker spaces
  • Examples of maker spaces from around the world
  • Ideas for how you can bring design thinking and making into any curriculum

You can also attend one of the EdTech Teacher Summer Workshops taking place in seven cities across the United States to learn from Beth and Douglas in person. Visit to find out how to get involved.