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So We’ve Been Thinking: Episode 17- David Lee – Design Thinking Culture and Mindset

In episode 17, Greg sat down with David Lee to dig into Design Thinking. The discussion shifts from the model itself to the importance of shifting culture and mindsets to truly leverage the design thinking process. David is an EdTech Specialist at Singapore American School and the author of Design Thinking in the Classroom. Learn more about his work at his site, David Lee EdTech and follow along with David’s work on Instagram & Twitter.

The Crossroads of Design Thinking & 3D Printing

Why Design Thinking? How Might We Create meaningful learning environments for students?  This is a huge question to tackle and one with countless reasonable answers.  Whether classrooms embrace Project Based Learning, Inquiry Based Instruction, Personalized Learning, or another other framework for a classroom experience, the intention tends to be universal.  Educators want to create the […]

A Conversation with John Umekubo about Design Thinking

We are excited to launch a new series of videos featuring conversations with our Summer Institute instructors. These conversations are not only a preview of the workshops, but also offer a chance to learn more about the topics. In this video, Ben Sondgeroth sits down with John Umekubo to talk Design Thinking. John and Ben […]

Design Thinking and Book Creator

Design Thinking & Book Creator

When employing Design Thinking in the classroom, documenting each step in the process presents a challenge to teachers as well as students. However, with the multimedia capabilities of Book Creator – which will soon be available on ALL devices including Chromebooks – one app offers up a robust solution to this problem. First, with Book Creator, students […]