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Join us for a full day, hands on workshop to learn about, explore, practice and begin to implement Design Thinking in Education. While we cannot predict what the future looks like, we do know that innovation and creativity are skills that our students need and Design Thinking has emerged as a proven framework for helping both educators and students develop a the needed mindsets to both identifying & creatively solve an observed opportunity or problem. This workshop is for educators or administrators looking to learn more about the Design Thinking process to create innovative change in their district, school or classroom.

What we will explore in the workshop:

  • The WHY of Design Thinking – we will build a solid argument and foundation for the use of Design Thinking in Education.
  • The WHAT of Design Thinking – we will explore various Design Thinking models and frameworks to develop comfort and awareness with the process.
  • The HOW of Design Thinking – we will go hands on with the Design Thinking process to develop comfort with engaging in and using the process to empathize, identify, ideate, prototype and develop a solution
  • Unpack Design Thinking – throughout the workshop we will move beyond the foundational model of Design Thinking to unpack specific strategies and techniques to get the most out of the framework in an educational, school or classroom setting.
  • Models of Use – in an effort to shift between the conceptual process of Design Thinking to the concrete use of the model in schools and classrooms, we will examine short case studies of use and impact of Design Thinking in schools.

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Upon completion of the workshop, participants will developed increased comfort, awareness and expertise in both the conceptual model of design thinking as well as the concrete use and practice of this process for education. Attendees will be provided with all workshop resources, materials, graphics, links, videos and support materials to begin implementation in their district, school or classroom.

Please Note: This workshop is designed for all levels of participants. There is no required prior background knowledge or experience with Design Thinking to successfully and meaningfully participate.


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