Virtual Reality &

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Virtual Reality in Education for Remote Learning

One Hour Introductory Webinar

Join EdTechTeacher Instructor, Greg Kulowiec, for a one hour long introduction to virtual reality in remote or online learning environments. He will provide an introduction to the capacity of virtual learning spaces. We will specifically explore how virtual reality spaces have the potential to create unique learning environments that foster independence, social gathering, student agency, joy and social interaction.  Further we will explore a structured criteria for identifying virtual reality tools that meet specific standards that can be used to support online learning. 

Virtual Reality in Education for Remote Learning

Eight Hour Course

Part 1

The first hands-on workshop will provide a live interaction and demonstration of engaging in two distinct virtual learning environments. Workshop participants will experience, first-hand what it is like to engage in virtual spaces and how the types of social interactions that can take place both organically and planned in virtual spaces can fundamentally transform an online learning environment. We will also design and create opportunities for participants to create and build in a series of hands-on challenges where workshop participants will be able to develop an increased comfort and awareness with the process of constructing high quality virtual learning environments that foster engagement, participation, independence and group interaction. The hands-on challenges will be facilitated through a combination live demonstration, mini tutorials and independent or group work time.

Part 2

The second hands-on workshop will build off of the skills and experiences that participants developed in the first hands-on workshop. We will continue the process of building and developing high quality online learning experiences in virtual environments. Further we will explore the reasonable challenges and barriers associated with engaging in virtual online environments and how we can plan and design to overcome these challenges. Workshop two will also examine how to structure not only the virtual environment itself, but learning how to design to foster the type of interaction or experience desired for the participants (learners) in the virtual space. By the end of workshop two, participants will have the necessary skills and abilities to plan, design, create and facilitate online learning experiences in virtual environments. 

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is designed for classroom teachers, tech integration specialists, instructional coaches, tech directors, or any educator interested in learning more about the thoughtful integration of VR in their school or district to support online or remote learning experiences.

Is Background Experience Required?

No! Anyone can join us for the day. Whether you are completely new to VR or you are currently integrating these technologies into your district school or classroom, you are welcome & encouraged to attend.

What technologies will we use?

Our philosophy at EdTechTeacher – with regards to VR in education – is that the technology must be readily available, accessible, and applicable to classroom use. With that lens, we focus on how VR can be introduced to the classroom from multiple perspectives:

  • How Might Virtual Reality Environments improve and enhance an online learning experience?
  • How Might educators leverage Virtual Reality Environments to enhance: collaboration, voice, agency and engagement?
  • How can we understand the use of Virtual Reality spaces as an intentionally selected environment for online or remote instruction?

What Apps & Tools will we use?

How can we understand the use of Virtual Reality spaces as an intentionally selected environment for online or remote instruction?

EdTechTeacher carefully selects the tools and platforms that are both high quality and have a reasonable barrier to entry for educators and schools that are interested. Out platform / tools selection must meet the following criteria:

  • Browser Based / WebXR
  • Low Barrier to Entry & Short Learning Curve
  • Capacity to Build & Adopt Quickly
  • Customizable
  • No Additional VR Headsets / Devices Required. (Engage with laptop, mobile, Chromebook, VR Headset)

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will develop an increased comfort level with both the consumption and creation of Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences for the classroom.

For more information about these workshops, please contact Gail Ross-McBride at or call 888-377-9518 ext 1.

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