Augmented and

Virtual Reality

for Education


Augmented and Virtual Reality for Education – New York, NY

Thursday, April 30th

Hosted by Green Ivy Schools & Pine Street School

Brought to you by EdTechTeacher

Join EdTechTeacher Instructor, Greg Kulowiec, for a one-day Augmented and Virtual Reality workshop at the Pine Street School, New York, NY. Educators will spend the day learning the why, what, and how behind the integration of AR and VR in any pre-K through 12 classroom. Discover innovative ways to transform teaching and learning with pedagogical practices that consistently redefine student learning experiences. Immersive technology is taking education by storm. Learn how to take students on virtual reality field trips, manipulate 3D objects, augment the world around them, and more. In this workshop, participants explore – first-hand – the capabilities of AR and VR in the classroom and begin aligning those experiences with student standards of learning to increase the rigor, relevance, and engagement. Participants will learn how to create their own immersive experiences and help foster student creativity with immersive technology.

Materials Required

Attendees are asked to bring the following technology to the AR & VR in EDU workshop:

  • Laptop / Chromebook
  • Mobile Phone / iPad with the ability to install applications

Optional Technology (Strongly encouraged but not required)

  • iPad with the ability to install applications
  • VR headset (Google Cardboard or similar)

NOTE: In an effort to keep the workshop and classroom use of AR & VR accessible to a broader audience, high end VR setups (Oculus, HTC Vive, etc…) will not be used in the workshop.

Workshop Outline

Consumption & Lo-Fidelity VR / AR

Classroom Creation of VR

Classroom Creation of AR

Innovative Use Cases of VR & AR in the Classroom

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is designed for classroom teachers, tech integration specialists, instructional coaches, tech directors, or any educator interested in learning more about the thoughtful integration of AR & VR in their school or district.

Is Background Experience Required?

No! Anyone can join us for the day. Whether you are completely new to AR & VR or you are currently integrating these technologies into your district school or classroom, you are welcome & encouraged to attend.

What technologies will we use?

Our philosophy at EdTechTeacher – with regards to AR & VR in education – is that the technology must be readily available, accessible, and applicable to classroom use. With that lens, we focus on how AR & VR can be introduced to the classroom from two perspectives:

  1. What technologies do you and your students currently have, & how can AR & VR be both consumed and created with those devices?
  2. What meaningful approaches can we take towards teacher-curated & created AR & VR experiences to enhance student experience, AND how might students use the technology to begin creating with AR & VR as a means to express creativity?

What Apps & Tools will we use?

Every workshop is slightly different as we like to determine the experience and readiness level of each unique group. There are are core set of tools, apps, & hardware that we may explore. They include, but are not limited to:

360 Cities

Google Expeditions

Google Tour Creator

Google Poly





Reality Composer

Adobe Aero

Merge Cube



360 Cameras


Pine Street School, NY

25 Pine Street

New York, NY

April 30th, 2020

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Pine Street School Location

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will develop an increased comfort level with both the consumption and creation of Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences for the classroom.

For more information about these workshops, please contact Gail Ross-McBride at or call 888-377-9518 ext 1.

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