Designing Assessments for Digital Experiences

Led By: Caitlin McLemore

This self-paced course uses videos, articles, and web-based resources to help participants rethink learning and assessment for digital learning environments. Course participants will learn about different assessment types, reflect on the purpose of assessment, and explore a variety of digital tools for assessment.

Starting April 2021

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June and July 2021

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Summer 2021 Virtual Workshops

Led By: All June and July 2021

Summer 2021 marks our 19th year of EdTechTeacher Summer Workshops. Just like you have had to adjust, so have we! This year we are offering virtual summer workshops to help you create learning environments that lead to your students’ success.

Starting March 2021

tom driscoll
Google Docs Fundamentals

Led By: Tom Driscoll Starting March 2021

This course is comprised of 14 concise lessons that highlight core features and skills related to using Google Docs. Each lesson includes a video tutorial and a hands-on Google Docs challenge designed to apply that lesson’s key skill.

Starting January 2021

Creating Screencasts & Instructional Videos

Led By: Greg Kulowiec Starting January 2021

This course is designed to help educators create high quality instructional video to support students in an online or hybrid learning environment. Through a combination of research around instructional video and practical application of researched based ideas, course participants will develope an increased skill and capacity to create instructional video across multiple devices and platforms.