1-week Course starting the week of July 19, 2021

One hour webinars start Mon, Wed & Thur at 2:00 PM EST

Designing Blended Learning Experiences for Middle and High School

Instructor: Greg Kulowiec

Blended Learning and the multiple strategies and approaches that fall into the category of blended learning (Station Rotations, Flipped Instruction, Playlist Strategy, etc…) have the potential to transform the classroom environment to create high quality self-directed student experiences that are supported with the thoughtful use of technology. This one week summer workshop will first explore and clearly define the framework of blended learning and will then demonstrate through hands-on experiences, multiple strategies within the realm of blended learning. Workshop participants will know and be able to design and implement high quality blended learning experiences and strategies that include but are not limited to: station rotations, flipped learning and playlist approaches. Further, educators will increase their skill and ability to design these learning experiences in digital environments that students can access across devices.

How It Works:

  • One-week courses will consist of 3 one-hour webinars on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday (except the week of July 6th which is Tues., Wed., Thur.) and three asynchronous activities for $95
  • Two-week courses will consist of 6 one-hour webinars (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays) and six asynchronous activities for $159
  • Attendees will receive a certificate.

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