In this one week course, EdTechTeacher instructor Avra Robinson will explore how teachers can create interactive learning experiences to support students in a variety of environments — remote learning and face to face. Through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous activities, course participants will explore several different online learning environments, tools, and ideas that will engage students in a variety of ways. Some examples include creating interactive activities with Google Drawings, as well as exploring digital books and journals with Google Slides. We will also discover ways that teachers and students can utilize audio and video to augment communication, make connections, and give feedback. We will harness the power of digital choice boards as a tool for augmenting student voice and choice, and keep it all organized in Google Drive and Google Classroom. Overall, this course will provide ideas, strategies, and guided challenges with hands-on practice time to support teachers as they work to design their classroom environment with a blend of digital tools. This course does assume some user knowledge and experience with G Suite for EDU.