VR Experiences with Google for EDU

Led By: Tom Driscoll

September 7

When we hear about VR (virtual reality), many of us think of expensive headsets and software. The truth is that students can explore, even create virtual experiences using Google for EDU tools and resources that are already accessible. Join us during this 30-minute webinar to learn how!

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Differentiation of Instruction with G Suite

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Moving from an analog environment to a digital one has never been more important or easier. It can be challenging to design learning experiences which allow students voice and choice while providing opportunities to support diverse learning styles. Digital differentiation using G-Suite allows information to be presented in multiple ways and encourages students to take […]

Can SEL Spark the Shift to Student Agency?

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More than any other idea in education, the idea of student agency suffers from the greatest disconnect between intentions and outcomes. As I referenced in a recent post, emerging student-centered instructional models attempt to shift much of the ownership and control (agency) of the learning process over to students.  Whether it is an approach that customizes the student’s path […]

NEW Book Creator Updates for a New School Year

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With the start of the new school year, Book Creator for iOS has launched an incredible update to an already versatile app. Students and teachers can now add just about ANYTHING into a book. In addition to creating multimedia books with text, drawings, photos, audio, and video, you can now add Google Maps, YouTube videos, […]