Creating Effective Instructional Videos


Summer Course

Creating Effective Instructional Videos:

Self-Paced Summer Course

Course Timing: Monday, August 24th - Friday, September 4th

Asynchronous (Complete at your own pace!)

Instructional videos created by educators in the form of screencasts are one of the most effective ways to deliver instruction to students in a remote or blended learning environment. Video instruction allows students to explore content in a time, space, and place that is conducive to their learning. The challenge educators face is quickly, easily, and effectively creating video content for their students. This two-week, self-paced (asynchronous) summer course is designed to provide strategies, technical skill, and capacity for educators to create, share, design and publish their instructional videos for student use. Further, we will explore the process of using instructional video & screencasts to design effective and meaningful video experiences for students that move beyond consuming video with a shared link.

Course Experience:

The intention of the course is to provide educators with the opportunity to explore the process of creating instructional videos (screencasts) as a powerful component of online, remote or blended learning in a convenient, self-pace online learning experience. Starting with an introduction to the concept of instructional videos / screencasting to develope a core skill set, through the thoughtful design of digital video experiences, the two-week course is an ideal fit for educators looking to expand their comfort level, awareness and ability to leverage video as an instructional tool.

Each module will consist of a structured learning experience where the course instructor is embedded via video, audio and screencast video content to support your self-paced, independent learning. Each module is designed to last approximately 1-2 hours. Each module will include an extension hands-on challenge activity to practice the skills and ideas explored in the module. There is also one optional synchronous experience in the second week of the course. Participants can join in for a live Zoom call of open office / Q&A with the course instructor.

Course Outline: Modules Open 8/24

Module 1: Why Instructional Video & Tools for Screencasting

Module 2: Creation Strategies and Research on Instructional Video

Module 3: Instructional Video & Google Slides

Module 4: Tools for Creating Video Experiences

Module 5: Leveraging YouTube & Mmhmm App

Module 6: Pulling it all Together: Designing Video Experiences

Synchronous Zoom Open Office / Q&A: Wednesday, September 2nd: 7-8pm EST

Who Should Attend?

The self-paced course is designed for:

Classroom Teachers K-12

Educational Technologists

Instructional Coaches


When does the course begin?

The course will open on Monday 8/24

Do I have to complete the course in two weeks?

You can complete the course at your own pace. Two weeks is a suggested experience

Will I have access to the course when I am done?

Yes! The course section will stay open and you will have access to the course materials.

Are there assignments or a discussion forum to complete?

No. There are suggest challenge activities that you can complete independently after finishing each module.

Technology Requirements

  • The Course will be run through Google Classroom
  • Course participants must use a personal (non-school / edu) Google account to join the Google Classroom section.

Meet the Instructor

Greg Kulowiec

Prior to joining EdTechTeacher, Greg spent eight years as a high school history teacher and one year as a technology integration specialist in Plymouth, Massachusetts. He began integrating technology into his classroom with early mobile devices including iPods and cell phones. An early adopter of iPads, Chromebooks and 1:1 environments, Greg quickly transitioned to integrating Project Based Learning Environments. Work that his students created during their studies of the Arab Spring of 2011 was featured on National Public Radio.  

Since 2012 as a full time instructor with EdTechTeacher, Greg brings a dynamic approach to technology integration that is paired with powerful instructional frameworks such as Project Based Learning and Design Thinking. Greg works with school districts and teachers throughout the country in workshops and year long professional development to explore thoughtful and effective uses of technology. Greg is a Google Certified Trainer, a Microsoft Innovative Educator, and the co-host of the “So We’ve Been Thinking Podcast”. Greg has presented at MassCue, NCSS, MASCD, ISTE, Google’s Global Education Summit and the EdTechTeacher Innovation Summits. Greg lives in Newburyport, MA with his wife and two children.

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