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Integrating AI into the Science Classroom

This session is designed to empower science teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) effectively into their science classrooms. Participants will explore AI technologies, learn how to use AI tools to enhance Science instruction, and create innovative teaching strategies that harness the power of AI to improve student engagement, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Ready, Set, Coach: An Introduction to Coaching for Newbies

In this immersive workshop, you will gain access to a powerful coaching curriculum, an expansive professional network, and implementation resources that will help build a successful coaching program in your school or district. Learn how to define and establish a coaching culture, build and nurture relationships with teachers, and implement practical coaching strategies across various educational contexts.

Level Up Your Google Game with Personalized Google Educator Certification Training (Level 1 & 2)

In this course, Google Certified Trainer Shawn McCusker will teach you everything you will need to know to enhance your Google app skills and effectively pass the Google Level 1 and Level 2 Educator Certification exams! We guarantee that educators will leave this program with greater skill and confidence teaching in Google Workspace environments!

Brisk 101

Join Suvi at Brisk Teaching for "Brisk 101" – a comprehensive introduction to Brisk, a revolutionary, free AI-powered Chrome extension designed for educators, schools, and districts. Discover how Brisk effortlessly integrates with everyday digital tools like Google Docs, Slides, YouTube, and online articles - to save you hours across your workflow each week. In this session you'll learn how to use Brisk to: Provide quick, meaningful feedback to students Conduct thorough assessments of student writing Create captivating instructional materials with ease Customize text difficulty and translate content to suit diverse student needs Learn how to leverage Brisk's seamless functionality to…

Responsible Citizens: Empowering Your Students with AI & Digital Literacy Skills

In today's fast-paced world, equipping students with more than just textbook knowledge is paramount. Join us for an immersive experience where we unravel the keys to success in learning and beyond: AI & Digital Literacy Skills. Learn how to guide your students to navigate the digital landscape safely, empowering them to distinguish between credible sources and fake news. Receive practical guidelines and considerations that are tailored to the ever-evolving tech-connected world. Our workshop goes beyond theory, providing you with tangible strategies to seamlessly integrate digital literacy into your curriculum, ensuring your students are future-ready.

MagicSchool AI for Teachers

Calling all teachers looking for a way to take something off their plates while still creating dynamic lessons and experiences for their students! The session is for teachers from all grade levels, PreK-12, and will focus on utilizing the MagicSchool AI platform to lesson plan, create units, differentiate, translate, write assessments and IEPs, and much more in a fraction of the time!

Dive Deeper into Brisk Teaching

"Diving Deeper with Brisk," will explore how Brisk can be customized and leveraged across different subject areas. Designed for educators, schools, and districts, Brisk not only simplifies your digital workflow with seamless integration into tools like Google Docs, Slides, YouTube, and online articles but also offers subject-specific applications that enhance teaching and learning. In this deeper exploration, we'll examine Brisk's versatile functions and how they can be tailored to the unique needs of subjects ranging from Math and Science to Literature and Social Studies. This session will provide practical examples and strategies for integrating Brisk's AI technology into your curriculum,…


In this session, we will learn how to integrate Eduaide.Ai as a lesson-planning collaborator. Eduaide connects teachers with Large Language Models focused within a context of instructional design and collaborative planning. The application boasts over 100 different teaching resources and learning objects that can be deeply personalized and differentiated to meet the diverse needs and contexts with which interact daily.

AI to Create and Manage Learning Activities

This course equips educators with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively integrate AI into the creation and management of learning experiences. We will delve into the fundamentals of AI and its potential impact on education, while also addressing ethical considerations, curriculum integration, and hands-on project development. Join us to collaborate and explore the challenges and possibilities of AI in curriculum creation and implementation."

Beyond Annotation: Utilizing Kami to Augment Differentiation & Accessibility

In this three-session workshop, we will explore how Kami can be used to create and design learning experiences for ALL students. With a focus on Universal Design for Learning, this session will provide ideas for how to augment teaching and learning by providing opportunities for accessibility and differentiation with Kami. Each session will provide some hands-on exploration at the beginning of the session. Throughout the three sessions, we'll explore how Kami can be utilized for more than just annotation. We'll focus on collaboration with Kami, utilizing audio and video to create scaffolds and supports for students, how to integrate Kami…

Igniting Innovation: Creativity in the Classroom

Discover how to seamlessly integrate technology to unleash student creativity and engagement in your classroom! Explore hands-on experiences with new and fan-favorite educational tools, fostering personalized learning journeys tailored to diverse student needs, abilities, and interests. Learn practical techniques to captivate your students' attention and enhance their learning experience through interactive technologies. Come network with like-minded educators as we build a community of tech enthusiasts in the K12 education.

Powerful AI Strategies for Google Workspace

AI tools are everywhere and Google workspace is no exception. Discover how to use helpful features that exist throughout Google in creating content, save time and create content. New features can support better writing, improve organization, create unique graphics, refine searches, draft emails, create custom slides and analyze your data. This course will tour the power and potential of AI tools across Google Workspace.We will also explore Google Gemini, the newest AI tool from Google.

Learning Gamma, the modern alternative to Powerpoint

Gamma is a new medium for presenting ideas. Powered by AI, it makes it fast and easy to create engaging, interactive, and multimedia-rich presentations that can be shared on any device. Learn how to use this powerful platform for all of your content needs.

The Prompt Whisperer: Mastering the Art of AI Language to Save Time and Spark Creativity

Feeling swamped by never-ending teacher tasks and yearning for fresh inspiration? Join us to unlock the potential of AI prompts! Learn how to ditch repetitive tasks, automate the mundane, personalized learning activities and spark creative exploration. Together, we'll unveil the power of AI prompts to transform your classroom into a haven of efficiency and creativity!

AI for Access & Inclusion

In this session, we will discuss the many ways AI opens doors for creative, equitable, accessible & inclusive learning experiences for all learners. Participants will have opportunities to observe, explore and create with AI tools from the vantage point of a learner. Attendees will leave with ideas, tools and strategies to apply immediately in their classrooms to meet the needs and elevate the creative learning process for their students.

Building Relationships with Google Tools

Empowering learners and guardians from day one will build a community that thrives all year long. This session will showcase various learning opportunities for elementary students and families though Google Tools, which educators can use at the start of their school year to build relationships with students. We will explore various ways to use Google Forms, Slides, Draw, and Docs. Participants will see activities where students set goals, learn about each other, and plan reflectively for their year. The activities shown will also build student agency and advocacy and provide students a myriad of ways to show their learning. You…

Generative AI with Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a powerful tool for teaching and learning. It allows students to demonstrate their learning in creative ways . Now Adobe Express has a suite of Ai tools that will allow students to transform their thoughts and ideas from text to visuals, and to modify and refine existing images. This course will explore the potential of Adobe Express and their new Ai tools to helps students careat products to demonstrate and share their learning and will offer strategies for using AI to create meaningful lessons. We will also explore Adobe Firefly,.

Edtech Strategies for Classroom Dialogue, Civil Discourse and Controversial Topics.

The ultimate goal of democracy is for people to resolve differences and make decisions peacefully. Teaching students to frame discussions in healthy ways has never been more important. This course helps you take on this challenge by looking at research-based strategies for classroom dialogues, discussions, and debates. Topics we explore: Is a debate—which asks students to confront classmates and change their beliefs in order to win—teaching the right civic skills and dispositions? Is there value inusing classroom dialogues that remove oppositional thinking? How do we learn to value our differences? As well as frameworks and tools for tackling challenging and…

Spice Up the ELA Classroom

This session will show various ways to use tech tools to spice up the ELA classroom! We will discuss different ideas for book clubs where students create in Google tools or Canva. We will also look at how to teach narrative, expository, and persuasive writing using Google Tools and Wakelet. We will also explore how AI can support students in the ELA classroom! You will have an opportunity to create your own dynamic lessons to spice up your ELA classroom to engage students in their learning!

AI-mazing Modern Assessments: Assessing Learning in the Age of AI

Yes, generative AI can complete your traditional assessments. So what do you do? Modern assessments! These integrate students' interests and emphasize creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. They're AI copy-and-paste-proof by design. Get ideas, templates, an analogy, and inspiration!

Beyond the Bulletin Board: Craft a Culture of Content Creation

Capture classroom creativity to shift past decorating halls and walls to showcase meaningful teaching and learning through educational technology. Join educators and leaders to craft a culture of content-creation to reimagine student publishing, redesign classroom assessment, and reconnect with families. Lift the digital literacy of your learners across a competency based framework to Design for Digital Learning.

Minecraft Education: Placing Your First Blocks

Do you see the potential of using Minecraft as a learning tool but aren’t sure where to start? Minecraft allows implementation of true game-based learning across all disciplines but most educators need a little help getting started. That’s where this workshop comes in. We will cover everything you need to know to begin using Minecraft Education in your classroom, school, or club. You will be immersed in a transformative Minecraft learning experience. Through this immersive experience, you will learn how to place your first blocks, design game-based lessons that utilize Minecraft, and assess student learning. (I have 40 Minecraft Education…

Integrating STEM into the Elementary Curriculum

Looking to integrate STEM into your elementary classroom? Look no further! STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are all essential subjects that all students need to learn, and a lack of these skills can negatively impact the future of our students. Students who participate in STEM based activities learn important skills such as creativity, teamwork, perseverance and critical thinking - all while having fun! In this engaging session, teachers will learn about the importance of incorporating STEM in the classroom and will be given the opportunity to create STEM based activities as well as have access to an activity…

Ted Lasso Your Classroom: It Smells Like Potential

Discover three ways to help students meet their potential and use their voice to empower change. Blogging, podcasting, and discovery quests will be showcased, illustrating innovative practices to give our youngest students a global voice using various Google Tools, Canva, and Screencastify. Giving students a platform to build communication, collaboration, and public speaking skills elevates their learning experiences. This session will help you create your own pedagogical practices to give students a global voice and help them see themselves as creators of knowledge.

Lighten the Lift & Increase Creative Joy with AI

This session unfolds a 2 dimension experience focused on using AI to lighten the load for teachers AND how to increase creative joy in the work we do with students. Featured tools include but are not limited to Adobe Express and Magic School AI. This session seeks to unveil the connection between teacher and learner SEL to the respecitve availability to teach and learn joyfully and creatively.

Digital Portfolios with Adobe Express

In today’s world, as new technologies and ways of working emerge, it’s becoming more important than ever for teachers and students to be able to showcase their skills and experiences. In this course, you’ll explore tips and strategies to help you help your students demonstrate what they’ve learned in a fun and creative way.

AI Strategies for Research and Writing

In an era where AI permeates every aspect of our lives, it's essential to harness its power effectively, especially in student research and writing. "AI Strategies for Research and Writing" offers a comprehensive exploration of utilizing AI tools to enhance the writing and research process while addressing concerns surrounding student misuse of AI. This course is designed to empower educators to structure assignments that maintain the integrity and meaningfulness of writing tasks in an AI-rich environment.