Why Google Play Books?

  • • Access books from any device either through the Chrome Browser, Chrome app, iOS app, or Android app.
  • • Highlight and take notes while you read ePub files.
  • • Upload and read PDF files (no annotation features available)
  • • Use text-to-speech to support reading & decoding with ePub files.

Be sure to note that there are some differences between using the Chrome app and accessing Google Play Books from play.google.com/books in the Chrome browser on a computer or Chromebook.

Learn more about Chrome Apps and Extensions.

Chrome BrowserChrome App
Upload FilesYes - if onlineNo
Read OfflineNoYes
Highlight & Add NotesYes - if onlineYes - if online
Use text-to-speechYes - if onlineYes - if online
Purchase BooksYes - if onlineYes - if online


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