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EdTechTeacher is a nationally recognized professional development provider with a team of former classroom teachers that are dedicated to supporting districts, schools and educators with the thoughtful use of educational technology to support student learning.

Whether your school is new to G Suite for Education, or looking to ramp up your skill set to focus on advanced uses of G Suite in the classroom or a remote learning setting, the team of instructors at EdTechTeacher is here to help.

EdTechTeacher offers specialized consulting, synchronous virtual (online) workshops and asynchronous training (online courses & modules).

G Suite Distance Learning Workshops

Getting Started with G Suite

Introduction to G Suite

This workshop will provide a general introduction to G Suite, Google Drive, basics of creation and collaboration.

Google Drive 101

The workshop focuses on basics of creation, collaboration, organization and search within Google Drive.

Google Classroom

Learn how to create, maintain and leverage Google Classroom to facilitate digital workshop in your classroom.

Collaboration with G Suite

Learn the unique features and capacity for students to create and collaborate with G Suite tools including Docs, Slides and Sheets.

Assessment with Forms

Google Forms allows educators to create effective formative assessment tools to get timely and accurate insight into student learning.

Creating with Drawings

This workshop explores Google’s visual and graphic creation tool that allows educators and students to craft powerful visuals within Google Drive.

Presentations with Slides

Learn how to effectively and creatively create classroom presentations with Google Slides that can include: text, images, video, audio and hyperlinks.

Unlocking Google Docs

Learn how to create, collaborate and design text documents in Google Docs. Hyperlinks, Drawings and editing are explored in this session.

Beyond the Basics of G Suite

Digital Portfolios with G Suite

Through a combination of tools available in Google Drive, students can create a powerful evidence of learning in a digital portfolio. This workshop explores the purpose, process and setup of digital portfolios with G Suite.

Advanced Google Classroom

Explore the use of Google Classroom beyond documents, slides and discussions to include video, audio, rubrics & feedback.

Creativity with Chromebooks

Chromebooks are an exceptionally powerful tool for student creativity. Explore screencasting, audio creation & editing and video creation in this hands-on workshop.

HyperDocs Creation

The ability to transform a single Google Document (or Slide) into a multi-unit, interactive, multimedia lesson will be explored in this in depth workshop.

Blended Learning with G Suite

This workshop will demonstrate and explore effective strategies for integrating Google Classroom to create powerful and helpful Blended Learning environments.

Creativity & G Suite

This session explores the ability for students to express and demonstrate their creativity through the core G Suite tools in combination with extensions and multimedia creation.

Digital Notebooks with Slides

This session explores the unique and creative approach of leveraging Google Slides as a digital or interactive notebook.

Leveraging Google Sheets

This session explores the ability for teachers to organize units, examine assessment data and to help students use sheets to organize research and group projects.

Virtual Tours: Maps & Earth

Through a combination of Google Maps & Google Earth, educators and students can explore the globe. This session will provide the skill set to begin integrating Maps & Earth into the classroom.

Add-ons & Extensions

Discover some of the best Google Add-Ons and Chrome Extensions for productivity and creativity perfect for laptop, desktop, and Chromebook classrooms.

G Suite for Elementary

From recording reading fluency, to developing storytelling skills, to demonstrating problem solving, this workshop will focus specifically on using G Suite at the K-5 grade levels.

VR with Tour Creator

Explore the ability to create customized, virtual tours to bring your students around the world through Google’s Tour Creator.

G Suite to Support Learners

G Suite & UDL

How can we plan and implement technology effectively so that we can empower, engage and support our students while meeting IEP goals and objectives? In this workshop, participants will learn multiple ways in which designing and delivering curriculum can meet student variability in their classrooms.

G Suite & ELL

This session explores the ability for educators to use G Suite and Google Drive to provide meaningful instruction to English Language Learners. Further, G Suite tools will be explored as a means to create opportunities for student voice in the classroom.

PBL with G Suite

Project Based Learning is a powerful classroom framework and when paired with Google Drive and G Suite, PBL classrooms can run smoothly. Through organization, collaboration and communication, students can effectively and meaningfully engage in PBL.

G Suite to Enhance:


Through a combination of Google Classroom, Google Sites, Google Hangouts Meet, Google Forms and Drive, teachers can enhance communication with their students and community. This workshop explores the potential for G Suite to enhance classroom communication.


Effectively managing and creating collaborative learning environments and workspaces requires thoughtful planning and organization. This session provides the required skill set to effectively collaborate in a digital environment.


Through a combination of Google Classroom, Classroom discussions, Google Hangouts Meet, Chrome Extensions and Add-Ons, educators have powerful tools at their disposal to effectively assess student learning.


Google Drive is a power environment that requires attention paid to maintain productivity and organization. This session will focus on Drive, Google Calendar, Google Keep and Tasks to maintain digital organization.

Google Certification Workshops

Google Level 1


Join an exciting day of preparing for the Google Certified Educator Level 1 Exam.. Over the course of this one day workshop, participants will learn how to master the Google “products” and “skills” specific to the Level 1 exam. Participants will walk away proficient in the following Level 1 exam skills.

Google Level 2


Join an exciting day of preparing for the Google Certified Educator Level 2 Exam. Over the course of this one or two day workshop, you will learn how to master the Google “products” and “skills” specific to the Level 2 exam. Participants will walk away proficient in the following Level 2 exam skills.

Google Administrator


The full day G Suite Administrator Console workshop covers the core skills and abilities needed to thoroughly understand the G Suite Admin Console with the goal of becoming a Google Certified Administrator. Users, Sub Organization, Management and core policies are explored in this session.

Google Applied

Digital Skills

This workshop introduces educators to Google’s Applied Digital Skills curriculum for the purpose of increasing teacher comfort, awareness and to develop a plan to implement the curriculum into their digital classroom environment.

For more information about these workshops and all learning opportunities,

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