Get ready for the Google Educator Level 2 Exam

Join an exciting day of preparing for the Google Certified Educator Level 2 Exam! Over the course of this one or two day workshop, you will learn how to master the Google “products” and “skills” specific to the Level 2 exam. Participants will walk away proficient in the following Level 2 exam skills:

  • Advanced organizational schemas & skills with Google Drive
  • Exploration of new learning models to help personalize the learning experience, including: Blended Learning, the Flipped Classroom, and Project Based Learning
  • Collaboration and HyperDoc lesson building strategies with Google Docs
  • Research strategies and tools with Google Scholar
  • Advanced data analysis with Google Sheets
  • Advanced formative Assessment and data collection with Google Forms
  • Increasing efficiency with Gmail and Calendar Labs
  • Communication & collaboration with Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air
  • Organization of information, communication, and collaboration with NEW Google Sites
  • Advanced Search Techniques with Google Search
  • Research and exploration with Google Maps and Google Earth
  • Utilizing Add-ons and Extensions to enhance student learning
  • Participants will also learn how to apply the Google “product” and “skills” to the Level 2 exam themes of: professional growth and leadership, increasing efficiency and saving time in the classroom, facilitating and inspiring student learning and creativity. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will not only greatly advance their knowledge and skill set, they will also gain valuable instructional tips and best-practices for skillful Google implementation in schools and classrooms.

    Join us for a fantastic workshop filled with learning and growth using the G Suite for Education products!

    **Please Note: This workshop is designed for participants who have completed the Level 1 Google Educator training or exam. Completion of the workshop does not automatically guarantee that a participant will pass the Level 2 Exam.

For more information about these workshops, please contact Gail Ross-McBride at gail@edtechteacher.org or call 888-377-9518 ext 1

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