Virtual Reality & Remote Learning – Feb. 24th

Vr for Remote Learning Webinar

Join EdTechTeacher instructor Greg Kulowiec for a free 30 minute webinar that explores the potential of educators using Virtual Reality to support students in a remote learning environment. From teacher created VR experiences to multi-user VR environments, this webinar is designed to explore and consider the potential of VR in remote learning.

Creating Screencasts & Instructional Videos: Course Outline


This course is designed to help educators create high quality instructional video to support students in an online or hybrid learning environment. Through a combination of research around instructional video and practical application of researched based ideas, course participants will develope an increased skill and capacity to create instructional video across multiple devices and platforms.

Facilitating Virtual Rotations in Remote / Hybrid Classrooms


The blended learning approach of station rotation can be a helpful framework in a remote / hybrid classroom. However, there are unique challenges that exist when facilitating this process remotely and in virtual workspaces. When implemented successfully, this approach can allow remote teachers to effectively connect with smaller cohorts of students within a larger class. Join EdTechTeacher instructor, Greg Kulowiec, for this 30 minute webinar to explore the process, setup, and facilitation of virtual station rotations.

Creating Remote Learning Video Experiences with mmhmm & Record to Slides


Creating instructional video is a critical component of online and virtual instruction. Join EdTechTeacher instructor, Greg Kulowiec, to explore and learn more about two helpful video creation tools to improve the quality, efficiency and impact of your virtual or remote learning experiences through with video. Please note: mmhmm is a MacBook only app at this time & Record to Slides is a Google Chrome extension.

Design Thinking: Promoting Creativity & Innovation


Are you familiar with G Suite and Google Slides? Join EdTechTeacher instructors, Avra Robinson & Greg Kulowiec, for an hour-long webinar in which they explore multiple creative uses of the Google Slides environment to move beyond linear presentations. From audio & video, to hyperlinking & digital notebooks, multiple practical approaches for a remote learning environment will be explored.