Introducing: LoiLoNote School!

Ever been interested in Japan? Well, Japan is interested in you! Well, more specifically, your classroom. LoiLoNote School is a cloud-based classroom support system, based in Japan, looking to help schools from all over. In the pursuit of augmenting human potential and improving education worldwide, we’ve found that traditional education methods are not enough to foster active learning, in an increasingly digital world, especially when they involve unilateral lectures for students without providing them the opportunity to apply their own knowledge or collaborate effectively.

Like I mentioned, traditional education tends to be one-dimensional with students receiving information in some form from teachers and, maybe, the occasional group projects where the largest issues often involve coordination between students. With LoiLoNote, we promote a multi-dimensional approach where teachers and students can learn from one another and amongst themselves, whether teacher-to-teacher or student-to-student, with lessons that are made interactive, collaborative, and exploratory through the capabilities of our app.

Now, I can’t speak for what your school applies within its own classrooms, but I distinctly remember in my undergrad university as well as my middle school and high school, there were times when they tried to incorporate things like Google, Canvas, or Blackboard Classrooms, shared Drives, or eventually just Zoom meetings and each time, my teachers would end up giving up on those platforms either because of limited storage, general inconveniences or the fact that it wasn’t user-friendly, lack of control within the apps, or, quite often, persistent technical issues.

I get it since I’m quite old-school myself with even my grandparents knowing more about how my phone works than I do, but LoiLoNote is exceptionally straightforward to the point where a lot of our teachers that were apprehensive about using it at first have turned out to be the ones that incorporate it the most within their classes.

With that said, many of the issues that exist with larger platforms are not concerns in our app, where you can do everything you need within the app itself with unlimited storage while encouraging creative approaches for your students in a safe way, particularly with our Web filtering and screen locks, that can keep students focused and teachers in control with ease.

Two key features with us are the fact that any lesson could be made into an interactive one with our app functions and that visual thinking becomes so much easier to illustrate for yourself or follow in others. Not to mention, student-teacher interactions are made simple and students can regularly become more immersed in their daily lessons.

Some of our functions include: sending data, whether to a whole class or particular individuals; you would also be capable of sending notifications about said data or for assignment deadlines, reminders, and such; as well as the capability of screen sharing by teachers without any type of lag. In terms of submissions, teachers can receive instant answers from a whole class on their screen and choose if they’d like to share that information as a comparative exercise. From here, they could provide individual feedback and immediately send that back to students for their reference. Likewise, if there was a multiple choice test, poll, or questionnaire, teachers would also get a real-time summary of the results in the form of a graph or list and could share that with the class. Through quicker turnaround and, by extension, less prep time, there’s naturally less stress on teachers in a way that doesn’t sacrifice individual student needs. With our in-app graphic organizers, things like Venn diagrams, pyramid graphs, and the like, which we refer to as our Thinking Tools, students are able to broaden their horizons and develop new perspectives in different ways while teachers are able to follow the flow of their thought processes more easily since their thoughts have been applied visually.

In feeling more understood, we’ve seen students become more inclined and eager to express their thoughts on various subjects.

As for presentations, slides can be made with what we call Cards, which are easily generated, adjusted, connected, stacked, placed within each other, and customized with a variety of media and personalized touches, and videos can be taken for quick submission on any given assignment.

With features like these, students are able to develop their creativity in a manner that promotes enthusiasm. Further, it’s not just kids of a variety of age ranges that can improve their efficiency conveniently and enjoyably, but adults can maximize their work as well with the use of LoiLoNote.

We often have opportunities to expand our pilot schools and volume discounts for students (as we never charge any fees for teachers), so if you find yourself interested in us, feel free to check out our website or shoot me an email!

Take care and thanks for your consideration,

Yami Roca
[email protected]

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