Recently we were planning for the ETT Boston Summit in November when we decided to explore the iOS Voice Memos app.  As we began our exploration of the app, we discovered that its interface was streamlined and intuitive to use. Redesigned and automatically installed with the update to iOS 12, Voice Memos is an easy-to-use application that creates audio recordings that can be shared with people or other applications.  


Our minds immediately turned to the classroom and the potential that this application might have in a learning environment.  Within a few minutes of utilizing the app, we discovered that – not only was it easy to use – but it had the capability to trim the recording from both ends, as well as replace audio in the recording.  We also loved the capability to PAUSE the recording at any point and restart.


After our initial exploration of the basic settings and functions of the app, out of habit, we decided to explore the SHARE button to discover if we could push these voice recordings to other applications we use in classrooms.  There were many options, but the one that stood out to us was Google Classroom. Because Google Classroom doesn’t already have the capability of adding audio within the app, an app smash between Voice Memos and Classroom seemed like a solution to a problem we’d been trying to solve.

The process of sharing the audio recording/memo to Google Classroom was so streamlined and simple that we got excited about the opportunities that exist for students to respond to assignments using voice – as well as teachers to create audio instructions for assignments.  For a detailed demonstration of the process of creating the Voice Memo and sharing to Google Classroom, please watch this video.