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Fostering Mathematical Mindsets with iPads in the Classroom from Mason 

Follow Mason on Twitter: @edtechmason All students can learn math. Better yet, all students can love math. And even more importantly, all students can excel at math. And when classrooms go one-to-one with iPads, this enhances opportunities to foster the mathematical mindsets of students in the classroom. Carol Dweck and Jo Boaler believe math is […]

4 Must Use Video Apps to Encourage Reflection in the Classroom.

4 Must-Use Video Apps to Encourage Reflection on the iPad 

Want to learn what Ben is up to? Follow him on Twitter @Mr_Sondgeroth While completing my undergraduate degree in history education, I recall having to submit a written reflection after completing every lesson. I also remember being somewhat annoyed at the process and questioned the purpose of reflecting back on my work after already completing a lengthy […]

Getting Started with Apple’s Productivity Suite on the iPad – From Mason Mason 

Leveraging the power of the iPad for teaching and learning means not only tapping into the potential of Apple’s hardware but harnessing the power of Apple’s software as well. Pages, Keynote, and Numbers comprise Apple’s productivity suite of apps that teachers and students can use to not only increase productivity but also foster creativity in […]

Consumption to Creation

From Consumption to Creation on the iPad 

Technology integration can be difficult. Often times when schools go one-to-one with iPads, teachers continue to do what they’ve always done. Digital worksheets, PDFs with annotations, and consumption can quickly become the norm. I remember when I went one-to-one with devices in my secondary English classrooms. I immediately wanted to figure out how my classes […]

Beyond Google Expeditions: Creating Customized VR Experiences with iPad & Book Creator 

Learn more from Greg by following him on Twitter: @gregkulowiec Moving Beyond Google Expeditions: For classroom teachers interested in integrating virtual reality into their classroom, one outstanding platform for pre-created content is Google Expeditions.  With an extensive library of expeditions, Google Expeditions offers classroom teachers a reliable pre-packaged virtual reality experience designed for the classroom. […]

App Smashing - One Screen

App Smashing on the iPad: A Guide for the Elementary Classroom 

Are you an elementary teacher looking for creative ways to integrate iPads into student learning? App Smashing is a great strategy for increasing the creative potential of the iPad. In this guide, you’ll be introduced to a set of “evergreen” apps for use in powerful app smashing on the iPad. What is App Smashing on […]

5 Ways iPads have Changed the Classroom – Guest Post from Jodie Deinhammer 

This guest post from Jodie Deinhammer, Innovation Summit featured speaker, first appeared on Daily Genius. When a cart of iPads was first delivered to my classroom, my first thought was, “Awesome, now we can Google stuff!” Fast forward 7 years and my students are now publishing iTunes U courses, authoring multi-touch books, and last year […]

2 Collaborative Uses of Google Apps and iPads – from Greg Kulowiec 

This post first appeared on Daily Genius. Combine the creative potential of the iPad with the collaborative capacity of Google Drive and students have access to countless options for engaging in creating meaningful, creative work.  Whether students are using the Google Drive app as the central workflow hub to facilitate collaboration, or the core Google […]

Google Classroom + Apple Classroom = The Complete iPad Classroom – From Ben Sondgeroth 

Learn more from Ben by connecting with him on Twitter! @Mr_Sondgeroth When schools deliver iPads into their classrooms, teachers often respond with two questions: how do I organize my students’ digital coursework and how will my classroom management change?  With the release of iOS 9.3 in 2016, teachers now have two answers to these questions. […]

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iPads in the Classroom: From Consumption and Curation to Creation

Co-authors Tom Daccord and Justin Reich (co-founders of EdTechTeacher) craft a meaningful and powerful vision and process of iPad integration for school teachers and school administrators — as well as parents. iPads in the Classroom: From Consumption and Curation to Creation features case studies, practical strategies, and specific apps that make the book directly applicable to classroom practice.

What Does Awesome Look Like?

At EdTechTeacher, we have the benefit of working with and hearing from educators from around the world. However, until now, we haven’t had a way to curate all of these great ideas into one place. Since we often use collaborative eBooks as a great example of how to share ideas while creating an amazing, media-rich learning artifact, we decided to leverage the power of Book Creator (available on iOS and Android) to create a Teacher Activity Book. 

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