Unleashing Creativity in the Classroom

What is possible in the classroom when you think about technology from a different perspective? Greg regularly pushes the boundaries of what's possible to inspire teachers and students to become creators of new learning artifacts.

Greg Kulowiec, an award-winning history teacher and co-creator of #sschat on Twitter, has been featured in both the New York Times and the Washington Post regarding the impact of social media on educators. While in the classroom, he was a proponent of expanding the audience of his student’s work by having them publish text, audio, and video online, and has been an early adopter of iPads and mobile devices in the classroom. In Greg’s early experimentation with technology, he was at the forefront of integrating cell phones into the classroom and was featured on Public Radio International’s, “The World Technology Podcast” in 2009. Recently, he has been at the forefront of the AppSmashing movement, proving that creation possibilities are limitless with iPads when approached with the different mindset. As an instructor and speaker with EdTechTeacher, Greg has worked with schools and districts across the country on technology integration including 1:1, Chromebook, Android, BYOD, and iPad programs. He is a dynamic keynote speaker who has shared his unique perspective and thoughts on technology integration with teachers at the iPad Summit (Atlanta & Boston), Shrewsbury, MA Public Schools, and Holliston, MA Public Schools.

Greg's popular presentations include:
  • Jet Engines, DJs & iPads: What are we doing with technology?
  • Unleashing Student Creativity with Mobile Devices
  • iPads, Crayons & Legos: The power of combining Digital & Real World

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