Leading Change in Changing Times

As technology and globalization transform our economy and civic sphere, educators must rise to the challenge of preparing students for an ever more complex and cognitively demanding world. Education leaders are often faced with the challenge of encouraging teacher innovation while maintaining academic rigor and student performance.

When we work with school leaders, we focus our discussions around three core questions:

  1. Why Change? - Making the case for new instruction and pedagogy
  2. What Does Change Look Like? - Envisioning and enacting new instruction across schools
  3. How Do We Assess Change? - Monitoring school progress towards critical goals of creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and connection.

To examine the role that technology can play in helping students develop these skills, we work with school leaders to immerse ourselves in hands-on practice with iPads, mobile devices, and Web 2.0 tools, examining several key conceptual frameworks, as well as a suite of strategies, for guiding and supporting change in the instructional core. We pay particular attention to the essential role of teacher-leaders in leading the way towards meaningful technology-integration. In doing this, a greater understanding of what change looks like from the instructional core becomes apparent, and ideas can be addressed from both a classroom perspective as well as through the lens of school reform.

Our leadership workshops also examine issues of the performance assessment. Again, we walk through these issues from a classroom perspective before exploring how school leaders can aggregate classroom level assessments to get a school-wide perspective on progress towards new goals.

We work with a wide variety of school leaders: principals, curriculum specialists, IT directors, academic technology specialists, teacher-leaders with formal roles (such as coaches or department chairs), and teacher-leaders with a desire to help change instruction in their school communities.

Please Contact Gail Ross-McBride at gail@edtechteacher.org or 888-377-9518 if you would like to discuss having us work with your administration.