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Innovation Summits

At this time, no Innovation Summits are scheduled.

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At this time, no Certification Workshops are scheduled.

Google Applied Digital Skills FREE

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At this time, no Workshops are scheduled.

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At this time, no Workshops are scheduled. Check back soon for updates or join us for one of our Summer Virtual Workshops.

Self Paced Online Courses


Using the Teachable Platform, watch videos and participate in asynchronous activities to learn new teaching skills.


Our instructors put together classes that are relevant to teaching and learning today.


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Creating a Community of Change Agents at the Inspired Learning Convention


At EdTechTeacher, we pride ourselves on asking “what’s next.” Whether it be iPads, Chromebooks, Google Apps, or other mobile devices, we have been challenging participants since 2012 to think about how to truly transform student learning.  

Vermont Innovation Summit 2019 

San Diego Innovation Summit 2019 

Boston Innovation Summit 2018 

Innovation in Edu Woodstock 2018

EdTechTeacher Summit Palm Springs 2018

EdTechTeacher Summit Boston 2017 

San Diego Innovation Summit 2017 

Boston iPad Summit 2015

Google Jamboree Boston 2015 

iPad Summit South Africa 2015

iPad Summit San Diego 2015

iPad Summit Boston 2014 

iPad Summit South Africa 2016

Google Jamboree Medfield 2015

Boston Innovation Summit 2016

San Diego Innovation Summit 2016


Leading Future Learning 2014

iPad Summit San Diego 2014

iPad Summit Boston 2013

iPad Summit Atlanta 2013

Leading Future Learning 2013

iPad Summit Boston 2012

Customized Workshops for your School

For Teachers. From Teachers.

Bring our expertise to your teachers for personalized professional development. In-Person Workshops, Webinars, or Self-Paced Online Courses – or a combination of all of them – are available to your teachers. We tailor to your needs and budget. Check out our examples of the hundreds of offerings. Don't see what you need? Contact us! We are always adding new workshops and customizing to the needs of our clients.

EdTechTeacher / Google / DESE – Workshop Series

EdTechTeacher and Google, in partnership with the Massachusetts DESE are providing a full program of workshops continuing this fall through the 2021-2022 school year for Massachusetts k-12 public school leaders, administrators, coaches and educators that are interested in exploring the potential and impact of the high-quality use of Google Workspace for Education in the classroom.