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About Chrome Apps and Extensions

Chrome Apps run in Chrome (Google’s web browser) and on Chromebooks, giving teachers and students powerful tools for creating and learning. These apps are added to a Google Account through the Chrome Web App Store. For example, if you want to create a mind map with students, there are several Chrome Apps that would allow you to do just that. Once they are installed, then you can work directly within the app. Many Chrome apps also save directly to Drive.

Chrome Extensions are tools that live inside of your Chrome Browser and provide additional functionality by connecting to other web tools. They appear as icons inside the address bar, or to the right of the address bar, and allow you to quickly access tools, save content, and customize your web browsing experience with one click – much like clicking on a bookmark.


With a Google Apps for Education Account, and the Chrome Browser or a Chromebook, teachers and students can unlock a host of tools and apps to support teaching and learning.

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