Google Plus and Google Hangouts

About Google Plus

Google+, Google’s social media platform, allows you to set up groups to share documents, have online discussions, and collaborate in a social media environment.

  • Teachers can share privately with groups of students or colleagues as well as join broader public communities.
  • Set up a Communities to guide class discussions and create a blended learning environment.

About Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts, available within Google+, brings the power of video conferencing to students and teachers.

  • Hangouts facilitate face to face conversations with screen sharing and collaboration capabilities in real time
  • Use Hangouts to connect with team members across devices and geographical areas.
  • With Hangouts On Air, video conversations can be recorded and saved to YouTube.
  • Hangouts can be publicly broadcast or private conversations.
  • Note: Students must be over 13 years of age.