Leveraging Technology to Reach All Learners - Online Professional Learning Program


Welcome to the EdTechTeacher “Leveraging Technology to Reach All Learners” Online Professional Learning Program! EdTechTeacher is proud to offer its internationally renowned professional development services in an online, learn-from-anywhere format. Through the “Leveraging Technology to Reach All Learners” Online Learning Program, participants will take part in rich and immersive courses built to meet the needs of teachers on any part of an educational technology journey.

Each EdTechTeacher “Leveraging Technology to Reach All Learners” course will consist of four synchronous mini-workshops facilitated by an EdTechTeacher Instructor.  These mini-workshops are an integral part of the learning experience, as participants can interact and ask questions directly with their instructor on a weekly basis, offering a unique online learning environment.  While participation in the mini-workshops is not a requirement for participants, it is strongly encouraged.

Program Details

4 Instructor Lead Mini-Workshops

Over the course of four weeks, participants are invited to participate in a weekly live, instructor-led “mini-workshop”.  One night each week, EdTechTeacher instructors will lead a Google Hangout in which participants are invited to join and ask questions and will focus on content in the upcoming week’s module. These workshops will begin at 8pm Eastern Time to allow participants from all time zones to join and participate. The mini-workshops will also be recorded so that participants unable to attend a particular mini-workshop may watch it at a later date.

4 Online Learning Modules

After each mini-workshop, participants will complete an online module directly related to the topic of the online learning course. These modules will take on average two hours to complete and will be facilitated through EdTechTeacher’s online course system. The online work will also include a discussion forum that allows participants to engage in a discussion with an EdTechTeacher instructor and other members of the course, helping creating a community of learners.

Graduate Credit Available

One graduate credit will be available for most courses through Framingham State University at a cost of $75.

Getting the Most Out of Google Classroom, Docs, Drive, and Slides

Over the course of this four-week program, participants will explore how to effectively leverage the power of four of the core tools in the G Suite for Education. By exploring effective strategies and practices for immediate integration into classroom practice, teachers will discover new ways to transform student learning experiences creating more opportunities for engagement and creativity.

  • Module 1 – Leveraging the Power of Google Drive in the Classroom
  • Module 2 – Collaborative Communication with Google Docs
  • Module 3 – Harnessing the Power of Google Slides
  • Module 4 – Leveraging the Power of Google Classroom


Getting More Out of Forms, Sheets, Drawings and Chrome

Over the course of this four-week program, educators will take a deeper look at the G Suite for Education, diving into apps and tools that can help teachers and students engage on new levels. When leveraged effectively, each of these tools can help students demonstrate their learning in many different ways.

  • Module 1 – Using Google Forms with Your Students
  • Module 2 – Understanding the Power of Google Sheets
  • Module 3 – Creating Learning Experiences & Images with Drawings
  • Module 4 – Maximizing the Chrome Web Browser


Expanding the Power of the G Suite for Education: HyperDocs, Google Keep, New Google Sites and Google My Maps

Expanding the Power of the G Suite for Education: HyperDocs, Google Keep, New Google Sites and Google My Maps is designed to dig deeper into the G Suite tools and look for new and creative ways to engage students in the classroom.  Over the course of four weeks educators will explore how to take the G Suite of tools to the next level, and challenge their students in new ways.  If you are bored with the same old Google Doc activity, then this course is for you! 

  • Module 1 – Rethinking the Doc with Hyperdocs
  • Module 2 – Note taking and More, Using Google Keep in the Classroom
  • Module 3 – Understanding New Google Sites
  • Module 4 – Unlocking Google My Maps for all Classrooms


Multimedia Creation and Publishing with the Chromebook

The Chromebook is often seen as only a word processing tool, when in fact, the possibilities for media creation and publication are ever expanding.  Over the course of this four week program, educators will discover new ways to engage students in the creative process utilizing the Chromebook.  Focusing on video, audio, and image creation, this program will help teachers discover the tools and strategies they need to bring creativity to their Chromebook classrooms.

  • Module 1 – Leveraging the Chromebook for Video Creation
  • Module 2 – Engaging Students through Audio Creation 
  • Module 3 – Creating Images with Chromebook
  • Module 4 – Beyond the Classroom Walls: Publishing Student Work


For more information about the online learning program, please contact Gail Ross-McBride at gail@edtechteacher.org or call 888-377-9518 ext 1